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Yamamoto, Akihito / Research Cluster Leader   [Detail]
Sex: Male Year of Birth: 1962 A.D.
Phone: E-mail:  a k i h i t o (@) t o k u s h i m a - u . a c . j p 
Academic Degree: Field of Study:
His Lecture: Histology and Oral Histology (Graduate School), Histology and Oral Histology Seminar (Graduate School), Oral & Maxillofacial AnatomyOral Physiology (Bachelor Course), Oral & Maxillofacial Anatomy (Bachelor Course), Leading seminar on practical oral science (Graduate School), Outline of Dental Science (Bachelor Course), Overview Dentistry 1 (Bachelor Course), Anatomy (2) (Bachelor Course), Anatomy (2) (Bachelor Course), Anatomy (2) (Bachelor Course), Anatomy (2) (Bachelor Course), Experiment and practical exercise in intractable therapeufic regulation for oral tumors (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: