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Field of Study

Visual psychophysics, Three-dimensional display

Lecture (2022)

SIH(Strike while the Iron is Hot) Training (Common Curriculum)
English for international communication (Bachelor Course)
Electronic Display (Graduate School)
Seminar to Optical Systems (Bachelor Course)
Optical Science and Technology Seminar 1 (Bachelor Course)
Optical Science and Technology Laboratory 2 (Bachelor Course)
Optical Science and Technology Computation Exercise (Bachelor Course)
Specilal Lectures on Optical Information Processing 1 (Bachelor Course)
Optical information processing (Bachelor Course)
Analog Optical Computing (Bachelor Course)
English for technical communication (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Science and Technology (Common Curriculum)
Visual Information Processing (Graduate School)

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Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

50 students (bachelor), 15 students (master)