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Educational Activity

Field of Study

Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry, Protein Chemistry, Protein Engineering, Environmental Microbiology

His Lecture (2018)

基礎生物学/基礎生物学N (Common Curriculum)
イノベーション科目群:環境とバイオテクノロジー (Common Curriculum)
バイオテクノロジーの世界 (Common Curriculum)
人間と生命/ミルクの科学 (Common Curriculum)
知プラe/現代科学と研究倫理 (Common Curriculum)
Creativity Development/Handicrafts and Social Communications (Indigo Dyeing) (Common Curriculum)
共創型学習/Global Communication - Volunteer experience in local community - (Common Curriculum)
Basic Biology Experiments/Basic Biology Experiments (Common Curriculum)
基礎生物学実験D (Common Curriculum)
Biochemistry I (Bachelor Course)
応用理数セミナー(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
応用理数セミナー(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
応用理数セミナー(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
技術英語基礎2(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
Biochemistry (Bachelor Course)
Basics of Life Science (Bachelor Course)
生命科学の基礎(理工学部 夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
生命科学の基礎(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
生物化学1(理工学部 夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
生物化学1(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
生物化学2(理工学部 夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
生物化学2(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
雑誌講読(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
雑誌講読(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
雑誌講読(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
Research in Symbiotic Environmental Studies I (Bachelor Course)
Research in Symbiotic Environmental Studies II (Bachelor Course)
環境共生学総合演習I (Bachelor Course)
環境共生学総合演習II (Bachelor Course)
生命理工学(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
生命理工学(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
生命理工学(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
Lectures in Integrated Arts and Sciences (Bachelor Course)
Graduation Study (Bachelor Course)
Experiments in Symbiotic Environmental Studies III (Bachelor Course)
Experiments in Basics of Life Sciences (Bachelor Course)
生命科学基礎実験(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
生命科学基礎実験(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
生命科学実験2(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
生命科学実験2(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
生命科学実験3(理工学部) (Bachelor Course)
生命科学実験3(理工学部夜間主) (Bachelor Course)
地域科学特別演習Ⅰ (Graduate School)
地域科学特別演習Ⅰ (Graduate School)
環境共生学研究法特論 (Graduate School)
Advanced lecture of environmental symbiotics (Graduate School)
Advanced Biochemistry (Graduate School)

Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

17 students (bachelor), 4 students (master)