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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study

Energy Analysis, Resources and Environmental Economics

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Centre for Environment, Social & Economic Research (International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics (Editorial Board) [Oct. 2008--])
Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (環境経済政策研究(編集委員) [Oct. 2007--May 2011])

Social Activity / University Management

University Management

International Workshop Advances in Energy Studies (Organizing Committee) (Oct. 1997--)
Ecological Economics (Editorial Board) (Jan. 1999--)
Population and Environment (Editorial Board) (Aug. 1999--Mar. 2004)
環境経済政策学会理事 (Apr. 2001--Mar. 2004)
Organization and Environment (Editorial Board) (May 2001--Apr. 2009)
大学評価学位授与機構評価員 (Jun. 2003--Jun. 2005)
International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research(Editorial Board) (Jan. 2006--)
IAASTD Global Report, World Bank (an Official Reviewer) (May --Sep. 2006)
Institute of Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy of Sciences (Foreign Honorary Member) (Jul. 2006--)
Theoretical and Applied Economics, General Association of Economists from Romania (Editorial Board) (Sep. 2006--)
Timisoara Journal of Economics and Business (Editorial Board) (Jan. 2009--)
Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting (Editorial Board) (Sep. 2010--)
Enviromental Economics and Policy Studies (Editoril Board) (Oct. 2010--Mar. 2014)
Journal of Economic Structures (Editorial Board) (Jun. 2011--)
Ecosystem Services (Editorial Board) (Nov. 2011--)
環境経済政策学会理事 (Apr. 2012--Mar. 2016)
IAFOR Journal of Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (Editorial Board) (Apr. 2012--)
Frontiers in Energy Systems and Policy (Associate Editor) (Jun. 2013--Mar. 2014)
The International Encyclopedia of Environment and Society (General Editors, Wiley-Blackwell) (Nov. 2013--)
Reports on Economics and Finance (Editorial Board) (Jan. 2015--)
熊本城復興城主 (Feb. 2017--)
BiophysEco, The Biophysical Economics Policy Center, A Think Tank, Advisory Board (Mar. 2017--)

Prize / Award

Apr. 1992, The INTER 科学技術大賞1992 エネルギー問題部門 (UPU)
Oct. 2008, Doctor Honoris Causa (West University of Timisoara)
Feb. 2013, Georgescu-Roegen Award (The Maiden Recipient, Unconventional Thinking Category) (The 13th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit)