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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study


Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Japanes Orthodontic Society
Shikoku Society of Dental Research
Chu-Shikoku Orthodontic Society (編集委員 [Jan. 2010--Dec. 2011], 副会長 [Jan. 2016--Dec. 2019])
The Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities
Japanese Cleft Palate Association ( [Mar. 2011])
The Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists
The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

Social Activity / University Management

Prize / Award

Jun. 2002, Bernard G. Sarnat Award (International Association for Dental Research)
Mar. 2004, Award for Encouragement of Research (Japanese Association for Dental Research)
Nov. 2009, 第68回日本矯正歯科学会大会優秀発表賞 (Japanes Orthodontic Society)
Nov. 2010, JADR 学術奨励賞, 2010. (国際歯科研究学会・日本部会)
May 2012, 第36回日本口蓋裂学会総会優秀ポスター賞 (Japanese Cleft Palate Association)
Dec. 2012, JADR/Joseph Lister Award.2012 (International Association for Dental Research)
Oct. 2013, The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society Excellent Exhibition Award (Japanes Orthodontic Society)
Oct. 2017, The 76th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society (plenary poster award: academic exhibits competition) (Japanes Orthodontic Society)
Nov. 2019, 第78回日本矯正歯科学会学術大会優秀発表賞 (Japanes Orthodontic Society)