Yamamoto, Akihito / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 歯学博士
Field of Study: Life sciences [Medical biochemistry]
Lecture: Genomic Drug Discovery (Graduate School), Histology (Bachelor Course), Histology Practice (Bachelor Course), Oral Environmental Health (Graduate School), Oral Histology (Bachelor Course), Oral Histology and Developmental Biology (Bachelor Course), Oral Histology Practice (Bachelor Course), Histology and Oral Histology Seminar (Graduate School), Basic Biology (Common Curriculum), Basic Biology (Common Curriculum), Leading seminar on practical oral science (Graduate School), Dental Anatomy (Bachelor Course), Dental Anatomy Practice (Bachelor Course), Basic methods in life sciences (Graduate School), Practice in Basic Sciences (Bachelor Course), Overview Dentistry 1 (Bachelor Course), Experiment and practical exercise in intractable therapeufic regulation for oral tumors (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: