Kataoka, Kosuke / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: DDS, PhD
Field of Study: Preventive Dentistry, Oral Health, 粘膜免疫, 粘膜免疫
Lecture: 基礎看護学 (Bachelor Course), 社会保障 (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: The development of novel mucosal adjuvants, The elucidation of oral bacteria colonization mechanism (Nasal vaccine, Dendritic cells, Salivary Secretory-IgA, Periodontal-pathogenic bacteria, Inhibition of colonization), (新規粘膜アジュバントの開発と機能解明), (新規粘膜アジュバントの開発と機能解明)
Yanagisawa, Shizuko / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(老年学)
Field of Study: Social Welfare, Gerontological Sociology
Lecture: The principle of social work and social work-related profession (Bachelor Course), social work foundation and profession (specialty) (Bachelor Course), The theory and practice for social work (Bachelor Course), The theory and advanced practice for social work (Bachelor Course), ソーシャルワーク実習 (Bachelor Course), Social work training guidance (Bachelor Course), Social work exercises (Bachelor Course), Social work exercise (specialty) (Bachelor Course), health care and welfare (Bachelor Course), child and family welfare (Bachelor Course), criminal justice and welfare (Bachelor Course), Graduation Thesis (Bachelor Course), 卒業研究(4年生) (Bachelor Course), Training of Oral Health Education and Research (Graduate School), The Clinical Associated Practice of Oral Health Sciences (Graduate School), Research Thesis of Oral Health Science (Graduate School), Special Practice for Oral Health Science and Social Welfare (Graduate School), Special Research for Oral Health Science and Social Welfare (Graduate School), Activity and Improvement of Oral Function (Graduate School), Community welfare and comprehensive support system (Bachelor Course), psychology (Bachelor Course), Laws that support advocacy (Bachelor Course), social security (Bachelor Course), sociology (Bachelor Course), social welfare principles and policies (Bachelor Course), social survey (Bachelor Course), welfare service organization and management (Bachelor Course), Outline of medical science (Bachelor Course), Support plan to poverty (Bachelor Course), disability welfare (Bachelor Course), Lecture for Oral Functional Management for the Disabled or the Elderly (Graduate School), Welfare for the elderly (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: 高齢者の地域組織への参加・継続プロセス, 老人福祉施設における口腔機能管理の多職種連携, 社会階層による口腔健康格差の発生メカニズムとその制御