Yamazaki, Tetsuo / Professor   [Detail]
Sex: Male Year of Birth: 1966 A.D.
Phone: +81 - 88 - 633 - 7886 E-mail:  t y a m a z a k (@) t o k u s h i m a - u . a c . j p 
Academic Degree: MD, PhD Field of Study: Biochemistry
His Lecture: Applied Seminar on Medical Pharmacy (Graduate School), Special Lecture for Drug Safety Studies (Graduate School), Graduate School, Course Open Seminer (Graduate School), Seminar (Bachelor Course), Biopharmacy 3 (Bachelor Course), Practice of Biochemistry 3 (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Cell Biology (Bachelor Course), Cell Biology 1 (Bachelor Course), Cell Biology 3 (Bachelor Course), Seminar of Drug Development (Graduate School), Special Lecture for Clinical Physiology (Graduate School), Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences 1 (Bachelor Course), Research Training in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate School), Doctoral Thesis Research in Clinical Pharmaceutical (Graduate School), Research Training in Pharmaceutical Sciences I (Graduate School), Master's Thesis Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: ストレス応答