Kogure, Kentaro / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Ph. D.
Field of Study: Biophysical Chemistry, 薬物送達学, 衛生薬学
Lecture: コアDDS講義, 基礎医療薬学, 環境薬学, 衛生薬学1, 衛生薬学2, 研究体験演習, 衛生化学実習, 健康生命薬学特論, 創薬研究実践特論, 社会医学・疫学・医学統計学概論
Subject of Study: 1) 抗酸化物質の作用発現機構解明とその誘導体による生活習慣病治療, 微弱電流による細胞生理の制御メカニズムの解明
Ohzono, Mizune / Assistant Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(薬科学)
Field of Study:
Lecture: Health Chemistry and Life Science (Graduate School), Exercise of Novel Drug Discovery (Bachelor Course), Practice of Health Chemistry (Bachelor Course), Pharmaceutical Health Sciences 1 (Bachelor Course), Pharmaceutical Health Sciences 1 (Bachelor Course), Common Seminar on Resources and Environment (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: