Sano, Shigeki / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 薬学博士
Field of Study: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry
Lecture: 有機化学1(炭化水素), 有機反応論, 有機化学実習1, 薬学英語2, ゲノム創薬特論, 創薬研究実践特論, 創薬科学特論, 創薬科学演習, 機能分子共通演習, 薬科学演習1, 専攻公開ゼミナール
Subject of Study: Asymmetric Synthesis of a-Substituted Serines, New Approach to the Stereoselective Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons Reaction, Stereoselective Synthesis of Fluoroolefin Amide Isosteres, Synthesis of Novel Chiral Phosphonoacetates Bearing a Stereogenic Phosphorus Atom, Tandem Double Bonds Migration-Esterification of a,b-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids for the Synthesis of b,g-Unsaturated Esters, New Approach to the Development of Infrared Fluorescence Labeling Reagents, New Approach to the Development of Cyctein Protease Inhibitors
Nakao, Michiyasu / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(薬学)
Field of Study: Pharmacy
Lecture: Applied Research of Pharmaceutical Science (Graduate School), Medicinal Science (Graduate School), Practice for preparing presentation materials in chemistry (Bachelor Course), Pharmacy Practice - Pretraining (Bachelor Course), Practice of Organic Chemistry (Bachelor Course), Practice of Organic Chemistry 1 (Bachelor Course), Practice of Pharmacognosy (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: 有機化学