Ito, Hirokazu / Assistant Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(保健学)
Field of Study: Life sciences [Gerontological and community health nursing]
Lecture: Exercise in Health Assessment (Bachelor Course), Clinical Practice in Nursing Home Care (Bachelor Course), Graduation Research (Bachelor Course), Scientific article reading: Level 1 (Bachelor Course), Scientific article reading Ⅰ (Original article reading) (Bachelor Course), Fundamental Nursing (Bachelor Course), Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 1 (Understanding the medical care environment) (Bachelor Course), Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 2 (Bachelor Course), Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 2 (Nursing process application to clinical practice) (Bachelor Course), Practical Nursing Outcome Management (Graduate School), Nursing Outcome ManagementⅠ:Practical Research Methods (Graduate School), Nursing Outcome ManagementⅡ:Advanced Nursing Practice (Graduate School), Introduction to nursing (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 1 (Nursing for under medical care environment) (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 2 (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 2 (Safe and comfortable care and promotion of recovery) (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 3 (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 3 (Medical care assistance) (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 4 (Bachelor Course), Nursing Skills 4 (Nursing process) (Bachelor Course), Nursing theory (Bachelor Course), Nursing research 2 (Bachelor Course), Comprehensive Clinical Practices (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: