Ueno, Yoshihiko / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 修士(大学アドミニストレーション)
Field of Study: 大学入試研究, Higher Education
Subject of Study: 多面的・総合的評価に繋がる入学者選抜と評価方法の構築 (enrollment selection, アドミッション・ポリシー, 入試制度設計, 筆記試験で測ることのできない能力の評価, 入試広報)
Ishimaru, Naozumi / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Ph.D.
Field of Study: Pathology, Immunology
Lecture: (基礎系)国家試験・CBT対策講義 (Bachelor Course), (臨床系)国家試験・CBT対策講義 (Bachelor Course), Genomic Drug Discovery (Graduate School), Gerodontology (Bachelor Course), Human Genetics (Bachelor Course), Oral Environmental Health (Graduate School), Basic Practice of Oral Health Science (Bachelor Course), Oral Molecular Pathology (Graduate School), Oral Molecular Pathology Seminar (Graduate School), Basic Biology (Common Curriculum), Basic Biology (Common Curriculum), Leading seminar on practical oral science (Graduate School), Outline of Dental Science (Bachelor Course), Basic Practice of Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology (Bachelor Course), Practice in Physiology (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Oral Pathology (Bachelor Course), Pathology・Oral Pathology (Bachelor Course), Practice in Basic Sciences (Bachelor Course), Overview Dentistry 1 (Bachelor Course), Overview Dentistry 5 (Bachelor Course), Introduction to How to Write Up Scientific Manuscript in English (Graduate School), Experiment and practical exercise in intractable therapeufic regulation for oral tumors (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: Molecular mechanism of autoimmune diseases (autoimmune, T cell activation, NF-kB, sex hormone, Sjögren's syndrome)
Kinugawa, Satoshi / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(文学)
Field of Study: Medieval Japanese History
Lecture: History of Global Cultural Exchanges (Bachelor Course), Introductory Seminar for Coursework (Bachelor Course), 二年生オリエンテーション (Bachelor Course), Senior Thesis (Bachelor Course), 卒業論文・卒業制作発表会 (Bachelor Course), Museum Praticum (Bachelor Course), Museum Education (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Museum Science (Bachelor Course), Museum Resource Preservation (Bachelor Course), Lecture on Museum Materials (Bachelor Course), Ancient and Medieval Japanese History (Common Curriculum), History of Cultural Exchanges (Bachelor Course), Research Projects for Regional Development (Graduate School), Advanced Exercise on Regional Development (Graduate School), 地域創生コースガイダンス (Bachelor Course), Community and Regional Studies (Bachelor Course), Research in Community Studies Ⅰ (Bachelor Course), Research in Community Studies Ⅱ (Bachelor Course), Ancient Japanese History (Common Curriculum), Introduction to Japanese History Ⅰ (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Japanese History Ⅱ (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Japanese History Ⅲ (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Japanese History Ⅳ (Bachelor Course), Research on Japanese History (Bachelor Course), Japanese History Ⅰ (Bachelor Course), Japanese History Ⅱ (Bachelor Course), Advanced Lecture on Japanese History and Culture (Graduate School), Learnig about the Region ~history,religion, and society~ (Common Curriculum), Integrated Science Project H (Bachelor Course), Issues in integrated Sciences (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: 中世社会と仏教について (history, 悪僧, 呪術, 大衆)
Morioka, Hisayoshi / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(医学)
Field of Study:
Lecture: Public Health (Bachelor Course), 公衆衛生学演習 (Graduate School), Midwifery practice studies Ⅳ(Maternal and Child Health in Community) (Graduate School), Social Medicine (Bachelor Course), Introduction to social medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics (Graduate School), Practice (Bachelor Course), Human Genetics and Public Health (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study:
Saito, Takahito / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Doctor of Science
Field of Study: Solid State Physics
Lecture: Handicrafts and Social Communications (Introduction to Science) (Common Curriculum), Active learning for environmental issues in Tokushima (Common Curriculum), Graduation Work (Bachelor Course), Global Environment and Sustainable Society (Common Curriculum), General Physics (Common Curriculum), General Physics 1 (Common Curriculum), Laboratory Physics (Common Curriculum), Introduction to military research for world peace (Common Curriculum), Seminar on Natural Sciences (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Computing II (Bachelor Course), Technical English Fundamentals 2 (Bachelor Course), Advanced Lecutre of Physical Property Measurement (Graduate School), Physics (Common Curriculum), Fundamental Experiments in Physics (Bachelor Course), Laboratory for Physical Science 1 (Bachelor Course), Laboratory for Physical Science 2 (Bachelor Course), Experiments in Physical Science I (Bachelor Course), Experiments in Physical Science II (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Physical Science (Bachelor Course), Introductory Laboratory for Physical Science (Bachelor Course), Seminar in Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science (Bachelor Course), Interdisciplinary Seminar in Science and Technology (Graduate School), Methodology of Teaching Science I (Bachelor Course), Methodology of Teaching Science II (Bachelor Course), Methodology of Teaching Science III (Bachelor Course), Methodology of Teaching Science IV (Bachelor Course), Active learning for globalization by cross-cultural communications (Common Curriculum), What should we learn in the exchange program with foreign countries (Common Curriculum), Graduate Research on Natural Sciences (Graduate School), Graduate Seminar on Natural Sciences (Graduate School), Reading Scientific Papers (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: NMR Study in Superconductor (superconductor, nuclear magnetic resonance)
Takada, Atsushi / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(工学)
Field of Study: Communication Engineering
Lecture: Introduction of Engineering (Bachelor Course), オリエンテーション1年 (Bachelor Course), Advanced Digital Communication Engineering (Graduate School), Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School), Communication Systems (Graduate School), Basic Theory of Electronic Communication (Bachelor Course), Ethics for Engineers and Scientists (Common Curriculum), Interdisciplinary Seminar in Science and Technology (Graduate School), Research Approaches in Science and Technology D (Graduate School), Communication Systems (Bachelor Course), Applied Communication Engineering (Bachelor Course), Introduction of Electrorical Engineering (Bachelor Course), Graduate Research on Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Graduate School), Special Lectures on Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Bachelor Course), Electrical and Electronic Engineering Seminar (Bachelor Course), Electromagnetic Wave Engineering (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: Optical fiber transmission technology, Photonic network technology (optical fiber, optical transmission, optical amplification)
Uto, Yoshihiro / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(情報工学)
Field of Study: Bioorganic Chemistry
Lecture: Working experience in Bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Career Paths (Bachelor Course), Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School), Analytical Chemistry (Bachelor Course), Medicinal Chemistry (Bachelor Course), Advanced lecture on medicinal chemistry (Graduate School), Chemical English (Bachelor Course), Medical Technology (Bachelor Course), Undergraduate Work (Bachelor Course), English for International Communication (Bachelor Course), Basic Chemistry (Common Curriculum), Basic Chemistry Experiments (Bachelor Course), Basic Chemistry Experiments (Common Curriculum), Fundamentals of organic chemistry (Bachelor Course), Synthetic Exercise in Engineering (Bachelor Course), Training of Bioscience Research (Bachelor Course), Practice for Bioscience Research (Bachelor Course), Special Practice on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Advanced Exercise on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Advanced Research on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Special Lecture on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), RadioChemistry and Radiation Chemistry (Bachelor Course), Organic Chemistry 1 (Bachelor Course), Organic Chemistry 2 (Bachelor Course), Biofunctional Design of Biomolecules (Graduate School), Medicinal Chemistry (Bachelor Course), Research on Bioresource Science (Graduate School), Bioindustry A (Bachelor Course), Practice for Bioscience and Bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Basic bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Working experience in Bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Practices for Fermentation Physiology (Bachelor Course), Fundamental Research Practice (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers Ⅰ (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers Ⅱ (Bachelor Course), Seminar on Chemical Scienceand Technology (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: 低酸素細胞放射線増感剤の開発, フェノール性脂質過酸化阻害剤の開発 (Threading intercalator, Hypoxic cell, Inhibitor of lipid peroxidation)
Yamazaki, Tetsuo / Professor (by-work)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: MD, PhD
Field of Study: Biochemistry
Lecture: Ethics and Human Studies in Healthcare (Bachelor Course), Applied Seminar on Medical Pharmacy (Graduate School), Special Lecture for Drug Safety Studies (Graduate School), Graduate School, Course Open Seminar (Graduate School), Seminar (Bachelor Course), Seminar 1 (Bachelor Course), Biopharmacy 3 (Bachelor Course), Practice of Biochemistry (Bachelor Course), Practice of Biochemistry 3 (Bachelor Course), Pathology (Bachelor Course), Cell Biology (Bachelor Course), Cell Biology 1 (Bachelor Course), Cell Biology 3 (Bachelor Course), Seminar of Drug Development (Graduate School), Special Lecture for Clinical Physiology (Graduate School), Research Training in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate School), Doctoral Thesis Research in Clinical Pharmaceutical (Graduate School), Pharmacology (Bachelor Course), Research Training in Pharmaceutical Sciences I (Graduate School), Master's Thesis Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: ストレス応答
Seki, Yosuke / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(工学)
Field of Study: 大学入学者選抜, Informatics
Lecture: Introduction to Information Science (Common Curriculum)
Subject of Study: 大学入学者選抜に関する追跡調査・システム開発,対話システム
Kamioka, Maiko / Technician   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 学校教育学修士
Field of Study: 大学入学者選抜, 高等教育
Subject of Study: