New Professors (Last 1.5 Years)

Jan. 1, 2023

Nagata, Yuichi / Professor   [Detail]
Portrait Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social SciencesDivision of Science and TechnologyComputer ScienceInformation Science
Tokushima UniversityFaculty of Science and TechnologyDepartment of Science and Technology知能情報コースInformation Science
Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Advanced Technology and ScienceSystems Innovation EngineeringInformation Science and Intelligent SystemsInformation Science
Academic Degree: Doctor
Field of Study:
Lecture: STEM Practice (Bachelor Course), Artifical Intelligence (Bachelor Course), Optimization Theory (Bachelor Course), Intelligent Systems (Bachelor Course), Graduate Seminar on Computer Science (Graduate School), Introduction to Computer Science (Bachelor Course), Autonomous Intelligent Systems (Graduate School), Autonomous Adaptive Systems Engineering (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: