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Social, etc.

Field of Study

Biophysical Chemistry, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Molecular Theory of Anesthesia, High Pressure Science

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology (評議員 [Sep. 1991--Aug. 1997], 会計幹事 [Sep. 1992--Aug. 1997])
Japan Oil Chemists' Society
The Biophysical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
The Society of Materials Science,Japan (高圧力部門委員会 庶務幹事 [Apr. 1991--Mar. 1997])
Research Group of Anesthetic Mechanism in Japan (評議員 [Apr. 1999])
American Chemical Society
International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists

Social Activity / University Management

Social Activity

Tokushima Industrial Promotion Organization (評議員 [Oct. 1997--Mar. 2001])
産業技術総合研究所四国工業技術研究所 (四国工業技術懇談会委員 [Feb. --Mar. 2001])
Shikoku Industry & Technology Promotion Center (参与 [Apr. 1997--Mar. 1999])
中小企業事業団 (中小企業創造基盤技術研究事業に関わる審査委員会委員 [Apr. 1996--Mar. 1998])

University Management

Chairman of Department (Apr. 1990--Mar. 1992)
Chairperson of Doctoral Course Operations (Apr. 1994--Mar. 1995)
Chairman of School Affairs (Apr. 1995--Mar. 1996)
Director of Center for Cooperative Research (Apr. 1995--Mar. 1997)
Chairman of Department (Apr. 1996--Mar. 1998)
Chairperson of Publicity (Apr. 1998--Mar. 2002)
Chairperson of Research Cooperation (Apr. 2000--Mar. 2002)
Councilor (Apr. 2000--Mar. 2002)
Presidential Aid (Apr. 2001--Mar. 2003)
Chairman of Department (Apr. 2004--Mar. 2006)

Prize / Award

Jun. 2000, 徳島新聞社賞(科学賞) (社団法人 徳島新聞社)
Sep. 2003, 第56回コロイドおよび界面化学討論会 ポスター賞 (The Chemical Society of Japan)