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Educational Activity

Field of Study


His Lecture (2020)

Special Lecture for Drug Safety Studies (Graduate School)
Pharmacy Practice - Pretraining (Bachelor Course)
Graduate School, Course Open Seminer (Graduate School)
Seminar (Bachelor Course)
Biopharmacy 4 (Bachelor Course)
Biochemistry 1 (Bachelor Course)
Biochemistry 4 (Bachelor Course)
Seminar of Drug Development (Graduate School)
Special Lecture for Clinical Physiology (Graduate School)
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences 2 (Bachelor Course)
Research Training in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate School)
Doctoral Thesis Research in Clinical Pharmaceutical (Graduate School)
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics 3 (Bachelor Course)
Research Training in Pharmaceutical Sciences I (Graduate School)
Master's Thesis Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate School)

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Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

4 students (master)