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Shiuchi, Tetsuya
Associate Professor, Associate Professor
Year of Birth
1974 A.D.
Academic Background
1997.   3. B.S. Faculty of Integrated Arts and Science, The University of Tokushima
1999.   3. M.S. Graduate School of Human and Natural Environment Sciences, The University of Tokushima
2003.   3. Ph.D. Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine
Academic Degree
博士(医学) (Ehime University) (Mar. 2003)
Work History
2003.   4. Reseach Assistant, Ehime University School of Medicine
2003.   9. Assistant professor, Ehime University School of Medicine
2004.   3. Assistant Professor, National Institute for Physiological Sciences
2010. 11. Lecturer, DIvision of Integrative physiology, Department of Health Bioscience, The Graduate University of Tokushima
2013. 10. PRESTO, JST
2015. 10. Associate Professor, Department of INtegrative Physiology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University Graduate School
Field of Study
Neurological endocrinology and metabolism, Exercise brain science, Pshycho-metabolic physiology
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