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Social Activity, etc.

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Field of Study

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

The Japanese Cancer Association
The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
Japan Society for Cell Biology
The Japanese Biochemical Society (評議員)
秀潤社「細胞工学」Vol.28 No.12 (監修 [Dec. 2009])

Social Activity / University Management

University Management

動物実験委員会委員 (Apr. 2006--Mar. 2014)
Member of the Committee on Self-Check and Evaluation (Apr. 2012--Mar. 2014)
Assistant to Dean (Apr. 2013--Mar. 2014)
Committee Member of Entrance Examinations (May 2013--Apr. 2014)

Prize / Award

Oct. 1998, 日本癌学会奨励賞 (The Japanese Cancer Association)