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Namba, Kosuke
Year of Birth
1972 A.D.
+81 - 88 - 633 - 7293
 n a m b a (@) t o k u s h i m a - u . a c . j p 
Academic Background
1996.   3. 大阪市立大学理学部化学科卒業
1998.   3. 大阪市立大学理学研究科化学専攻前期博士課程 修了
2001.   3. 大阪市立大学理学研究科物質分子系専攻後期博士課程 修了
Academic Degree
Ph. D. (Osaka City University) (Mar. 2001)
Work History
2000.   1. Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
2001.   5. Postdoctral Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University
2003.   5. Postdoctral Fellow at Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
2005.   9. Research Associate at Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research (SUNBOR)
2006.   9. Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Tokushima Bunri University
2008.   3. Lecturer at Division of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
2011.   7. Associate Professor at Division of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science
2013.   5. Professor at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, The University of Tokushima
Field of Study
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Chemical Biology
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