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Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. Aya Kondo and Mari Haku :
The experiences of husbands present at their wives' emergency cesarean sections,
The Journal of Medical Investigation : JMI, Vol.65, No.34, 268-273, 2018.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 112271,   DOI: 10.2152/jmi.65.268,   PubMed: 30282871,   Elsevier: Scopus)
2. 石原 留美, 高橋 順子, 三木 章代, Aya Kondo, 新居 アユ子 and 小川 佳代 :
香川母性衛生学会誌, Vol.15, No.1, 47-54, 2015.

Academic Paper (Unrefereed Paper):

1. 高橋 順子, 小川 佳代, Aya Kondo, 吉村 尚美, 石原 留美, 三木 章代, 新居 アユ子, 横関 恵美子, 富田 喜代子, 中岡 泰子, 前田 宏治, 加藤 孝士, 兼間 和美 and 永井 知子 :
Bulletin of Shikoku University, No.46, 1-8, 2016.
2. 石原 留美, 高橋 順子, Aya Kondo, 三木 章代 and 新居 アユ子 :
四国大学教育実践報告, No.9, 1-7, 2016.

Proceeding of International Conference:

1. Keiko Takebayashi, Mari Haku and Aya Kondo :
Influence for Postpartum Mothers Who Watched Their Mammary Gland Structure by Ultrasonographic Image,
2nd Tachnoligical Competency as Caring in the Health Sciences 2018, 105, Tokushima, Aug. 2018.

Proceeding of Domestic Conference:

1. Aya Kondo, Keiko Takebayashi and Mari Haku :
Japanese Journal of Maternal Health, Vol.60, No.3, 165, Sep. 2019.

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