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Related Researchers in Our University

Okada, Tatsuya (70.3%) / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Ph.D.
Field of Study: texture control, Crystallographic Defect
Lecture: STEM Practice (Bachelor Course), オリエンテーション3年 (Bachelor Course), Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School), Technical English Fundamentals 1 (Bachelor Course), Technical English Fundamentals 2 (Bachelor Course), Engineering Materials 1 (Bachelor Course), Mechanical Properties of Materials (Graduate School), Controlling Physical Properties of Crystalline Materials (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: SEM/EBSD analysis of deformed and recrystallized microstructures in pure metals (texture control, recrystallization, crystal plasticity, single crystal, bicrystal, tricrystal, SEM/EBSD), TEM observation of crystallographic defects in semiconductors (SiC, crystallographic defect, epitaxial film, transmission electron microscopy, diamond)
Ueki, Tomoyuki (51.6%) / 技術専門職員   [Detail]
Academic Degree:
Field of Study:
Subject of Study:
Tomita, Takuro (37.5%) / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Doctor of Science
Field of Study: 光物質科学, Optical Condensed Matter Physics, Semiconductor Physics
Lecture: STEM Practice (Bachelor Course), Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School), Advanced Optoelectronic Materials Science (Graduate School), Semiconductor Physics (Bachelor Course), Ethics for Engineers and Scientists (Common Curriculum), Optical and Functional Inorganic Materials (Graduate School), Interdisciplinary Seminar in Science and Technology (Graduate School), Graduate Research on Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Graduate School), Electrical and Electronic Engineering Elementary Laboratory (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: Laser-induced material modification, Laser processing, Laser-induced nano-periodic structures (femtosecond laser processing/modification), Raman Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy (optical properties of solid), Bond-Raman-Polarizability model in Wide-band-gap semiconductors, Electron-Phonon interactions in semiconductors (半導体物理)