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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study

Medicine, Chest Surgery

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery (councilor [May 2000])
日本肺癌学会 (評議員 [Nov. 2002])
日本呼吸器内視鏡学会 (評議員 [Jun. 2004])
日本胸部外科学会 (評議員 [Oct. 2008])
日本胸腺研究会 (理事 [Feb. 2005])
The Japanese Cancer Association
Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
International association for the study of lung cancer
American Society of Clinical Oncology
American Association for Cancer Research
International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (Steering committee member [May 2010])

Social Activity / University Management

Social Activity

徳島県 (肺がん部会部会長 [Feb. 2005])

Prize / Award

Mar. 2001, AACR(American Association for Cancer Research)-ITO EN, LTD. Scholar-in-Taining Award for Promising Cancer Research (American Association for Cancer Research)