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Social Activity, etc.

His Web Page

Field of Study

Medical Informatics

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
The Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Japan Association of Medical Informatics
Japaness Society of Medical Imaging Technology
The Japan Society of Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering
Japan Society of Medical Imaging and Information Sciences
Japanese Society of Radiological Technology

Social Activity / University Management

University Management

Committee Member of Student's Health and Welfare (Apr. 2002--)
高度情報化基盤センター運営委員 (Apr. 2002--)
キャンパス情報ネットワーク運営委員 (Apr. 2002--)
施設委員会委員 (Apr. 2002--)
将来計画委員会修士課程設置準備ワーキンググループ委員 (Apr. 2004--)
情報システム運用専門委員会委員 (Apr. 2004--)

Prize / Award

Jan. 2012, Best paper award (International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics)
Aug. 2012, Best Paper Award (The sixth international conference on genetic and evolutionary computing)