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Lecture (2022)

(基礎系)国家試験・CBT対策講義 (Bachelor Course)
(臨床系)国家試験・CBT対策講義 (Bachelor Course)
2022年度 臨床能力試験説明用コンテンツ (Bachelor Course)
COVID-19感染症対策動画コンテンツ (Bachelor Course)
Biomaterials and Bioengineering (Bachelor Course)
Principle of medicine and risk management for health care (Bachelor Course)
Medical Communication (Bachelor Course)
Medical Information (Bachelor Course)
Oral Cavity and Health (Common Curriculum)
Oral Health Management (Graduate School)
Oral Health Management seminar (Graduate School)
Practical Training in Oral Medicine (Graduate School)
Practice in Basic Sciences (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Clinical Medicine (Graduate School)
Introduction to How to Write Up Scientific Manuscript in English (Graduate School)
Prosthodontics (Bachelor Course)
Geriatric Dentistry Exercise and Experiment (Graduate School)

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