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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Japanese Stomatological Society (評議員 [Apr. 2008])
Japanese Dental Education Association (評議員 [Jul. 2012])
Japan Society of Oral Care (評議員 [Nov. 2007])
日本歯科衛生教育学会 (評議員 [Jun. 2012])

Social Activity / University Management

University Management

Chairperson of Faculty Development (Apr. 2007--Mar. 2011)
Committee Member of School Affair (Apr. 2007--Mar. 2023)
歯学部国際交流委員会 (Apr. 2010--Mar. 2023)
Member of the Committee on Faculty Development (Apr. 2011--Mar. 2023)
Chairman of Department (Apr. 2011--Mar. 2015)
口腔科学教育部教務委員会 (Apr. 2015--Mar. 2023)
グローバル化教育検討委員会 (Apr. 2018--Mar. 2022)
Member of the Committee on Self-Check and Evaluation (Apr. 2019--Mar. 2020)
副理事(教育担当) (Apr. 2020--Mar. 2022)
国際交流委員会 (Apr. 2020--Mar. 2022)
徳島大学学生後援会 (Apr. 2020--Mar. 2022)
Committee Member of Student's Health and Welfare (Apr. 2020--Mar. 2022)
語学教育センター (Apr. 2020--Mar. 2022)

Prize / Award

Jan. 2009, 康楽賞 (Fundamental Oral Health Science)
Dec. 2014,