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Social Activity, etc.

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Field of Study

Number Theory

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Mathematical Society of Japan (代議員 [Apr. 2005--Mar. 2006])
American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Society of Japan ( [Apr. 1984--])
Mathematical Association of America

Social Activity / University Management

Social Activity

Mathematical Society of Japan (representative [Apr. 2005--Mar. 2006])

University Management

Committee Member of School Affair (Apr. 1996--Mar. 1998)
Member of the Committee on Future Vision (Apr. 1999--Mar. 2001)
Vice Chairman of the entrance examination of the fuculty (May 2002--Apr. 2003)
Chairperson of the Committee for the Admission Examination (May 2003--Apr. 2004)
Lecturer of the center of general education (Apr. 2004--Mar. 2006)
紀要編集委員会委員 (Apr. 2005--Mar. 2021)
講座代表 (Apr. 2006--Mar. 2007)
コース代表 (Apr. 2006--Mar. 2007)
創成学習開発センター副センター長 (Aug. 2006--Jul. 2008)
総務委員会委員 (Apr. 2007--Mar. 2010)
Chief of Course (Apr. 2010--Mar. 2012)
紀要編集委員会委員長 (Apr. 2011--Mar. 2012)
講座代表 (Apr. 2011--Mar. 2012)
コース代表 (Apr. 2011--Mar. 2012)
Member of the Committee on Public Relations (Apr. 2011--Mar. 2012)
学生委員会副委員長 (Apr. 2013--Mar. 2014)
Lecturer of the center of general education (Apr. 2013--Mar. 2015)
Vice chairperson of School Affairs Committee , Faculty of Engineering (May 2014--Apr. 2015)
Chairman of Department (Apr. 2015--Mar. 2017)
学生委員会副委員長 (Apr. 2016--Mar. 2017)
Assistant to Dean (Apr. 2016--Mar. 2021)
理工学部学生員会学生委員 (Apr. 2017--Mar. 2019)
Chairman of Department (Apr. 2017--Mar. 2021)

Prize / Award