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Research Activity

Field of Study


Subject of Study

Oil Price, Oil Industry (energy, price, market structure)
Socio-economical changes in Gulf Oil Producing Countries (Financial Revenue, Development of Finance, Policy of Development)

Book / Paper


1. KATAKURA Motoko and Takio Mizushima :
明石書店, 東京, Mar. 2002.
2. Kazuo OHOTSUKA and Takio Mizushima :
岩波 イスラーム辞典,
岩波書店, Tokyo, Feb. 2002.
3. KIKUCHI Sigeo and Takio Mizushima :
大阪国際女子大学·大阪国際女子短期大学異文化コミュニケーションセンター, 枚方, 2002.

Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. Takio Mizushima :
On the Fundamental Characters of Islamic Economic System: A Comparative Analysis of Adam Smith's and Baqir-s-Sadr's Concepts.,
現代の中東, No.27, 88-107, 1999.
2. Takio Mizushima :
"Competition and Cooperetion in the Oil Market after 1980: Oilgopoly and Tolerance",
Korean Journal of the Middle East Studies, No.18, 1997.
3. Takio Mizushima :
On the Viewpoints for the Analysis of Oil Price from 1973 to 85: An Examination on Massarrat's and Krapel's Case,
研究年報 経済学, Vol.55, No.4, 141-51, 1994.
4. Takio Mizushima :
On Distribution of Net Income from Oil Production: In Case of Saudi Arabia -SOCAL Oil Concession Concluded in 1933,
研究年報 経済学, Vol.52, No.2, 131-48, 1990.
5. Takio Mizushima :
On Govemental Ownership of Crude Oil Resouces and its Legitimacy in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (In Case of Oil Concession in 1933): A Study on Crude Oil Price (1),
研究年報 経済学, Vol.51, No.1, 87-101, 1989.
6. Takio Mizushima :

Academic Paper (Unrefereed Paper):

1. Takio Mizushima :
On the Spectrum of Capitals Suited for Marx's Reproduction Scheme (3): The Case of Sphere Capitals belonging to two Departments of Reproduction at random with 'Average Social Capital',
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, No.28, 115-138, 2014.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 106410)
2. Takio Mizushima :
On the Spectrum of Capitals Suited for Marx's Reproduction Scheme (2): The Case that a Specific Capital divides Capitals, which involve "the Average Social Capital", into Two Departments of a different C/V Ratio,
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, No.28, 83-114, 2014.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 106409)
3. Takio Mizushima :
On the Spectrum of Capitals Suited for Marx's Reproduction Scheme (1): From the View of 'Average Social Capital',
研究年報 経済学, Vol.74, No.1, 107-121, 2014.
(CiNii: 40020066707)
4. Takio Mizushima :
On the Veiled Image of Market in the Chapter 10 of "Das Kapital" Volume III: Following the Different Meanings among "bestimmen", "regeln", and "regulieren"; the Pressure of Demand and Supply; Reproduction,
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, No.25, 25-44, 2012.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 96252,   CiNii: 110008915466)
5. Takio Mizushima :
A Critical Inspection of ``Das Kapital'' Vol.3, Chapter 8 and 9: on the Different Surplus Value Rates of various countries and the Transformation of Values into Prices of Production,
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, Vol.23, No.23, 129-149, 2010.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 68921,   CiNii: 110007590360)
6. Takio Mizushima :
On the Consistency between ``Gambling'' in Stock Market and Islamic Financial,
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, Vol.21, No.21, 79-105, 2008.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 232,   CiNii: 110007126362)
7. Takio Mizushima :
On the Gold Mining Concession of Mahd Ad'Dahab, Saudi Arabia in 1934,
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, No.18, 225-242, 2005.
8. Takio Mizushima :
Trends of International Oil Market Leading to Acnacarry Agreement,
Social Science Research University of Tokushima, No.9, 57-99, 1996.
9. Takio Mizushima :
On the Character and Oil Policy of Saudi State: from 1960's to just before the First "Oil Crisis" in 1973,
徳島大学教養部紀要(人文·社会科学), Vol.28, 93-147, 1993.
10. Takio Mizushima :
On the Relation between the National Economy of Saudy Arabia and the Rate of Distribution of Net Income from the Oil Concessions ( or agreements during 1949-67),
徳島大学教養部紀要(人文·社会科学), Vol.27, 33-68, 1992.

Review, Commentary:

1. Takio Mizushima :
Book Review: Seiichi AKIYAMA. International Economics. Sakurai Shoten, 2013.,
Political Economy Quarterly, Vol.51, No.2, 103-105, Jul. 2014.
2. Takio Mizushima :
世界史資料 20世紀の世界II, Vol.11, 264-265, Dec. 2012.
3. Takio Mizushima :
Tosho Shimbun, No.2896, 5, Nov. 2008.

Proceeding of International Conference:

1. Takio Mizushima :
Rethinking Arab-Japanese Rerations, --- Area Studies. Narional Interest and Friendship ---,
Tokyo, Nov. 2001.
2. Takio Mizushima :
小企業経営と経済発展 国際研討会,
南通市, Oct. 1999.

Proceeding of Domestic Conference:

1. Takio Mizushima :
'Average Social Capital' and Reproduction Scheme,
Japan Society of Political Economy, The 62nd Annual Conference, Oct. 2014.
2. Takio Mizushima :
Oct. 2008.
3. Takio Mizushima :
Oct. 2008.

Et cetera, Workshop:

1. Takio Mizushima, 林 昴, 毛利 彰介, 吉田 祐司, 牟田口 義郎, 多田 利雄, 長谷川 捷一, 秋本 一浩, 秋本 元子, 川畑 義雄, 武田 力 and 武田 芳子 :
日本とアラブ-思い出の記-, Vol.4, Feb. 2003.
2. 「再考アラブと日本」研究会, 「日本·中東イスラーム関係の再構築」研究会 and Takio Mizushima :
日本とアラブ-思い出の記-(その1)(その2)(その3) 再販·合冊版,
日本とアラブ-思い出の記-, Aug. 2002.


1. Takio Mizushima :
福田 安志編『湾岸,アラビア諸国における社会変容と国家・政治-イラン,GCC諸国,イエメン』, 147-171, Chiba, Mar. 2007.
2. Yoshio Tachibana and Takio Mizushima :
教育研究学内特別経費による研究報告書, 520-529, Tokushima, Mar. 1992.

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  • The Development of Marxism in the Arab Muslim World : Its Dynamics, Historical Context, and Philosophical Roots (Project/Area Number: 25284131 )
  • Research on Systemic Stability of Finance in Middle East Oil Producing Countries (Project/Area Number: 11630044 )
  • Study on the crude oil price after 1980s from the view point of marketability and political latitude (Project/Area Number: 09630045 )
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