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Takanari, Hiroki / Research Cluster Leader   [Detail]
Academic Degree: M.D., Ph.D.
Field of Study: Life sciences [Biomedical engineering], Life sciences [Clinical pharmacy], Life sciences [Physiology], Life sciences [Cardiology], Life sciences [Clinical pharmacy], Life sciences [Physiology]
Lecture: Interdisciplinary Seminar in Science and Technology (Graduate School)
Subject of Study:
(Ishima, Yu) / (Retired)   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士号:薬学
Field of Study: Nanotechnology/Materials [Nanomaterials], Life sciences [Clinical pharmacy]
Subject of Study:
Minamikawa, Takeo / Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Designated Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Ph.D., Ph.D.
Field of Study: Raman spectroscopy, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Optics, Spectoscopic Measurement
Lecture: オリエンテーション3年 (Bachelor Course), Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy (Graduate School), Medicine-Photonics/Engineering Internship (Bachelor Course), Graduation Research (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Technical English (Bachelor Course), Technical English Fundamentals 1 (Bachelor Course), Technical English Fundamentals 2 (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: Raman spectroscopy and microscopy, Medical application of Raman spectroscopy, Applied instrumentation of optical frequency comb, Restorational study of cultural property by optical instrumentation
Shimizu, Mayuko / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(栄養学)
Field of Study: Pathology, Allergology, Nutrition
Lecture: Human Science (Pathology) (Graduate School), プレ配属演習 (Bachelor Course), 病理学(Ⅰ・Ⅱ) (Bachelor Course), 病理学実習 (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: NASH線維化の病態解明と治療法の確立 (NASHモデル, 肝線維化モデル, 高脂肪コレステロール食, macrophage), - (epicutaneous sensitization, food allergy, 甲殻類アレルギー, Tropmyosin, model animal of food allergy by epicutaneous sensitization, deep sea water, 職業性食物アレルギー),
Yamamoto, Kei / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(工学)
Field of Study: Lipid Biochemistry, Biochemistry
Lecture: Career Paths (Bachelor Course), Genomic Drug Discovery (Graduate School), Immunoengineering (Bachelor Course), Medical Technology (Bachelor Course), Undergraduate Work (Bachelor Course), Basic Biochemistry (Bachelor Course), Introduction to Bioengineering (Bachelor Course), Advanced Exercise on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Advanced Research on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Research on Bioresource Science (Graduate School), Bioindustry A (Bachelor Course), Practice for Bioscience and Bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Basic bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Experiments of Cell Science and Technology (Bachelor Course), Advanced Cell Biotechnology (Graduate School), Cellular Signaling (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers Ⅰ (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers Ⅱ (Bachelor Course), Technology of Enzyme Functions (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: Study of bioactive lipid network in health and disease