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Educational Activity

His Web Page

Field of Study

Nonlinear Engineering, Nonlinear Circuit Technology, Nonlinear System Engineering, Field Informatics

His Lecture (2020)

Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School)
Information Security System (Graduate School)
Seminar to Computer and Optical Systems (Bachelor Course)
Information Infrastructure System (Graduate School)
Introduction to Information Science (Common Curriculum)
Introduction to Technical English (Bachelor Course)
Numerical Computation (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Science and Technology (Common Curriculum)
Seminar to Information Science and Systems Engineering (Bachelor Course)
Advanced Theory on Complex Systems (Graduate School)
Electronic Circuits (Bachelor Course)
Electrical Circuit Theory 1 (Bachelor Course)
Lecture and Exercise in Electric Circuit (Bachelor Course)
Nonlinear System Design (Graduate School)

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Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

23 students (bachelor), 7 students (master), 1 students (doctor)