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Educational Activity

Field of Study

Preventive Dentistry

His Lecture (2018)

Preventive Dentistry (Graduate School)
Preventive Dentistry Seminar (Graduate School)
Preventive Dentistry (Bachelor Course)
Preventive Dentistry (Bachelor Course)
Preventive Dentistry (Bachelor Course)
Preventive Dentistry (Bachelor Course)
Gerodontology (Bachelor Course)
Oral Care and Health Promotion (Bachelor Course)
Oral Environmental Health (Graduate School)
Practical Training in Oral Medicine (Graduate School)
Social Dentistry (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to social medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics (Graduate School)
Interdisciplinary Clinical Dentistry (Bachelor Course)
Overview Dentistry 2 (Bachelor Course)
Hygiene/Public Health (Bachelor Course)
Experimental Training in Dentofacial Developmental Science and Social Dentistry (Graduate School)

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