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Field of Study


His Lecture (2018)

Gerodontology (Bachelor Course)
Basic Practice of Oral Health Science (Bachelor Course)
Molecular Oral Physiology (Graduate School)
Molecular Oral Physiology Seminar (Graduate School)
Activity and Improvement of Oral Function (Graduate School)
Oral Physiology (Bachelor Course)
Oral & Maxillofacial AnatomyOral Physiology (Bachelor Course)
Basic Biology (Common Curriculum)
Leading seminar on practical oral science (Graduate School)
Outline of Dental Science (Bachelor Course)
Physiology (Bachelor Course)
Practice of Physiology (Bachelor Course)
Physiology AB (Bachelor Course)
Physiology CD (Bachelor Course)
Basic Practice of Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology (Bachelor Course)
Practice in Physiology (Bachelor Course)
Overview Dentistry 1 (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to How to Write Up Scientific Manuscript in English (Graduate School)
Anatomy・Physiology・Biochemistry (Bachelor Course)
Geriatric Dentistry Exercise and Experiment (Graduate School)

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