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Tokushima UniversityResearch ClustersResearch Clusters2201004 医薬・農薬・診断薬に展開可能な鍵物質創製
Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmaceutical Sciences
Tokushima UniversityFaculty of Pharmaceutical SciencesSchool of Pharmaceutical Technosciences創薬学講座Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
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Field of Study

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry,Japan
The Japanese Peptide Society
American Chemical Society
日本薬学会ファルマシアトピックス小委員 ( [Apr. 2021])

Social Activity / University Management

Social Activity

科学技術予測センター (専門調査員 [Apr. 2018--Mar. 2019])

Prize / Award

2011, 平成22年度海外留学助成金リサーチフェローシップ (The Uehara Memorial Foundation)
Dec. 2016, 塩野義製薬研究企画賞 (The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry,Japan)
Oct. 2017, 平成29年度日本薬学会中国四国支部奨励賞 (日本薬学会中国四国支部)
Mar. 2020, 2020年度日本薬学会奨励賞 (The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan)
Dec. 2020, 令和2年度徳島大学若手研究者学長表彰 (Tokushima University)
Oct. 2021, 徳島県科学技術大賞(若手研究者部門) (Tokushima Prefectural Government)