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RNAウイルスの複製・病原性発現機構に関する研究 (HIV-1, ハンタウイルス, アレナウイルス)

Book / Paper

Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. T John Manning, E Nadya Yun, V Alexey Seregin, Takaaki Koma, A Rachel Sattler, Chiomah Ezeomah, Cheng Huang, C la Torre Juan de and Slobodan Paessler :
The Glycoprotein of the Live-Attenuated Junin Virus Vaccine Strain Induces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Forms Aggregates prior to Degradation in the Lysosome.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.94, No.8, 2020.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01693-19,   PubMed: 31996435)
2. Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Expression Level of HIV-1 Vif Can Be Fluctuated by Natural Nucleotide Variations in the vif-Coding and Regulatory SA1D2prox Sequences of the Proviral Genome.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.10, 2019.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.02758,   PubMed: 31849897)
3. Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Role for Gag-CA Interdomain Linker in Primate Lentiviral Replication.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.10, 2019.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01831,   PubMed: 31440231)
4. Takaaki Koma, Osamu Kotani, Kei Miyakawa, Akihide Ryo, Masaru Yokoyama, Naoya Doi, Akio Adachi, Hironori Sato and Masako Nomaguchi :
Allosteric regulation of HIV-1 capsid structure for Gag assembly, virion production, and viral infectivity by a disordered interdomain linker.,
Journal of Virology, 2019.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00381-19,   PubMed: 31189701)
5. Naoya Doi, Masaru Yokoyama, Takaaki Koma, Osamu Kotani, Hironori Sato, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Concomitant Enhancement of HIV-1 Replication Potential and Neutralization-Resistance in Concert With Three Adaptive Mutations in Env V1/C2/C4 Domains.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.10, 2019.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.00002,   PubMed: 30705669,   Elsevier: Scopus)
6. Naoya Doi, Tomoyuki Miura, Hiromi Mori, Hiromi Sakawaki, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
CXCR4- and CCR5-Tropic HIV-1 Clones Are Both Tractable to Grow in Rhesus Macaques.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.9, 2018.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02510,   PubMed: 30405570)
7. E Lars Clark, Selma Mahmutovic, D Donald Raymond, Taleen Dilanyan, Takaaki Koma, T John Manning, Sundaresh Shankar, C Silvana Levis, M Ana Briggiler, A Delia Enria, W Kai Wucherpfennig, Slobodan Paessler and Jonathan Abraham :
Vaccine-elicited receptor-binding site antibodies neutralize two New World hemorrhagic fever arenaviruses.,
Nature Communications, Vol.9, No.1, 1884, 2018.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 112467,   DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-04271-z,   PubMed: 29760382)
8. Takaaki Koma, Veljko Veljkovic, E Danielle Anderson, Lin-Fa Wang, L Shannan Rossi, Chao Shan, Pei-Yong Shi, W David Beasley, Natalya Bukreyeva, N Jeanon Smith, Steven Hallam, Cheng Huang, Veronika Messling von and Slobodan Paessler :
Zika virus infection elicits auto-antibodies to C1q.,
Scientific Reports, Vol.8, No.1, 2018.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 112405,   DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-20185-8,   PubMed: 29382894)
9. Shoko Nakanishi, Sakimi Watanabe, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Virological characterization of HIV-1 CA-NTD mutants constructed in a virus-lineage reflected manner.,
The Journal of Medical Investigation : JMI, Vol.65, No.1.2, 110-115, 2018.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 111440,   DOI: 10.2152/jmi.65.110,   PubMed: 29593179)
10. Masako Nomaguchi, Naoya Doi, Tomoya Yoshida, Takaaki Koma, Shun Adachi, Hirotaka Ode, Yasumasa Iwatani, Masaru Yokoyama, Hironori Sato and Akio Adachi :
mRNA Is Modulated by Natural Nucleotide Variations and SLSA1 RNA Structure in SA1D2prox Genomic Region.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.8, No.2542, 2017.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.02542,   PubMed: 29326677,   Elsevier: Scopus)
11. Xiao Tong, Jeanon Smith, Natalya Bukreyeva, Takaaki Koma, T John Manning, Raj Kalkeri, D Ann Kwong and Slobodan Paessler :
Merimepodib, an IMPDH inhibitor, suppresses replication of Zika virus and other emerging viral pathogens.,
Antiviral Research, Vol.149, 34-40, 2017.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2017.11.004,   PubMed: 29126899)
12. Masako Nomaguchi, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma and Akio Adachi :
Complete Genome Sequences of Human Immunodeficiency Type 1 Viruses Genetically Engineered To Be Tropic for Rhesus Macaques.,
Genome Announcements, Vol.5, No.39, 2017.
(DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01063-17,   PubMed: 28963223)
13. Cheng Huang, A Olga Kolokoltsova, J Elizabeth Mateer, Takaaki Koma and Slobodan Paessler :
Highly pathogenic New World arenavirus infection activates the pattern recognition receptor PKR without attenuating virus replication in human cells.,
Journal of Virology, 2017.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01090-17,   PubMed: 28794024)
14. Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Novel In Vitro Screening System Based on Differential Scanning Fluorimetry to Search for Small Molecules against the Disassembly or Assembly of HIV-1 Capsid Protein.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.8, 1413, 2017.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.01413,   PubMed: 28791001)
15. Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Ariko Miyake, Noya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Tsuneo Uchiyama, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Comparison of Biochemical Properties of HIV-1 and HIV-2 Capsid Proteins.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.8, No.1, 1082, 2017.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.01082,   PubMed: 28659897)
16. E Shannon Ronca, Jeanon Smith, Takaaki Koma, M Magda Miller, Nadezhda Yun, T Kelly Dineley and Slobodan Paessler :
Mouse Model of Neurological Complications Resulting from Encephalitic Alphavirus Infection.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.8, 188, 2017.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00188,   PubMed: 28223982,   Elsevier: Scopus)
17. T John Manning, V Alexey Seregin, E Nadezhda Yun, Takaaki Koma, Cheng Huang, José Barral, C la Torre Juan de and Slobodan Paessler :
Absence of an N-Linked Glycosylation Motif in the Glycoprotein of the Live-Attenuated Argentine Hemorrhagic Fever Vaccine, Candid #1, Results in Its Improper Processing, and Reduced Surface Expression.,
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Vol.7, 20, 2017.
(DOI: 10.3389/fcimb.2017.00020,   PubMed: 28220142,   Elsevier: Scopus)
18. Kenta Shimizu, Takaaki Koma, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Yoshimi Tsuda, Yuji Isegawa and Jiro Arikawa :
Appearance of renal hemorrhage in adult mice after inoculation of patient-derived hantavirus.,
Virology Journal, Vol.14, No.1, 13, 2017.
(DOI: 10.1186/s12985-017-0686-8,   PubMed: 28122569)
19. Takaaki Koma, Cheng Huang, F Judith Aronson, G Aida Walker, Milagros Miller, N Jeanon Smith, Michael Patterson and Slobodan Paessler :
The Ectodomain of Glycoprotein from the Candid#1 Vaccine Strain of Junin Virus Rendered Machupo Virus Partially Attenuated in Mice Lacking IFN-/ Receptor.,
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol.10, No.8, 2016.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 114325,   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0004969,   PubMed: 27580122)
20. Kenta Shimizu, Sugihiro Hamaguchi, Chi Cuong Ngo, Tian-Cheng Li, Shuji Ando, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Takaaki Koma, Rie Isozumi, Yoshimi Tsuda, Hiromi Fujita, Thanh Thuy Pham, Quynh Mai LE, Duc Anh Dang, Quang Tuan Nguyen, Lay-Myint Yoshida, Koya Ariyoshi and Jiro Arikawa :
Serological evidence of infection with rodent-borne hepatitis E virus HEV-C1 or antigenically related virus in humans.,
The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Vol.78, No.11, 1677-1681, 2016.
(DOI: 10.1292/jvms.16-0200,   PubMed: 27499185)
21. E Nadezhda Yun, Shannon Ronca, Atsushi Tamura, Takaaki Koma, V Alexey Seregin, T Kelly Dineley, Milagros Miller, Rebecca Cook, Naoki Shimizu, G Aida Walker, N Jeanon Smith, N Joseph Fair, Nadia Wauquier, Bayon Bockarie, Humarr Sheik Khan, Tomoko Makishima and Slobodan Paessler :
Animal Model of Sensorineural Hearing Loss Associated with Lassa Virus Infection.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.90, No.6, 2920-2927, 2015.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02948-15,   PubMed: 26719273)
22. Takaaki Koma, Michael Patterson, Cheng Huang, V Alexey Seregin, D Payal Maharaj, Milagros Miller, N Jeanon Smith, G Aida Walker, Steven Hallam and Slobodan Paessler :
Machupo Virus Expressing GPC of the Candid#1 Vaccine Strain of Junin Virus Is Highly Attenuated and Immunogenic.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.90, No.3, 1290-1297, 2015.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02615-15,   PubMed: 26581982)
23. Cheng Huang, A Olga Kolokoltsova, E Nadezhda Yun, V Alexey Seregin, Shannon Ronca, Takaaki Koma and Slobodan Paessler :
Highly Pathogenic New World and Old World Human Arenaviruses Induce Distinct Interferon Responses in Human Cells.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.89, No.14, 7079-7088, 2015.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00526-15,   PubMed: 25926656)
24. Takako Amada, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Takaaki Koma, Kenta Shimizu, D Chandika Gamage, Kanae Shiokawa, Sanae Nishio, Clas Ahlm and Jiro Arikawa :
Development of an immunochromatography strip test based on truncated nucleocapsid antigens of three representative hantaviruses.,
Virology Journal, Vol.11, 87, 2014.
(DOI: 10.1186/1743-422X-11-87,   PubMed: 24885901)
25. Takaaki Koma, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Noriyo Nagata, Yuko Sato, Kenta Shimizu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Takako Amada, Sanae Nishio, Hideki Hasegawa and Jiro Arikawa :
Neutrophil depletion suppresses pulmonary vascular hyperpermeability and occurrence of pulmonary edema caused by hantavirus infection in C.B-17 SCID mice.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.88, No.13, 7178-7188, 2014.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00254-14,   PubMed: 24719427)
26. P Shumpei Yasuda, D Chandika Gamage, Nobuo Koizumi, Sanae Nishio, Rie Isozumi, Kenta Shimizu, Takaaki Koma, Takako Amada, Hitoshi Suzuki, Kumiko Yoshimatsu and Jiro Arikawa :
Distinct genetic characteristics of Sri Lankan Rattus and Bandicota (Murinae, Rodentia) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear markers.,
Genes & Genetic Systems, Vol.89, No.2, 71-80, 2014.
(DOI: 10.1266/ggs.89.71,   PubMed: 25224973)
27. Kenta Shimizu, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Takaaki Koma, P Shumpei Yasuda and Jiro Arikawa :
Role of nucleocapsid protein of hantaviruses in intracellular traffic of viral glycoproteins.,
Virus Research, Vol.178, No.2, 349-356, 2013.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.virusres.2013.09.022,   PubMed: 24070985)
28. Takako Amada, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Kenta Shimizu, Takaaki Koma, Nobuhito Hayashimoto, D Chandika Gamage, Sanae Nishio, Akira Takakura and Jiro Arikawa :
Rapid, whole blood diagnostic test for detecting anti-hantavirus antibody in rats.,
Journal of Virological Methods, Vol.193, No.1, 42-49, 2013.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2013.04.021,   PubMed: 23684845)
29. Ima-Nurisa Ibrahim, Kenta Shimizu, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Andre Yunianto, Ervi Salwati, P Shumpei Yasuda, Takaaki Koma, Rika Endo and Jiro Arikawa :
Epidemiology of hantavirus infection in Thousand Islands regency of Jakarta, Indonesia.,
The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Vol.75, No.8, 1003-1008, 2013.
(DOI: 10.1292/jvms.12-0442,   PubMed: 23503293)
30. Takaaki Koma, K Yoshimatsu, P S Yasuda, T Li, T Amada, K Shimizu, R Isozumi, Q L T Mai, T N Hoa, V Nguyen, T Yamashiro, F Hasebe and J Arikawa :
A survey of rodent-borne pathogens carried by wild Rattus spp. in Northern Vietnam.,
Epidemiology and Infection, Vol.141, No.9, 1876-1884, 2012.
(DOI: 10.1017/S0950268812002385,   PubMed: 23114204)
31. Rie Isozumi, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Tetsu Yamashiro, Futoshi Hasebe, Minh Binh Nguyen, Cuong Tuan Ngo, P Shumpei Yasuda, Takaaki Koma, Kenta Shimizu and Jiro Arikawa :
bla(NDM-1)-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae from environment, Vietnam.,
Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol.18, No.8, 1383-1385, 2012.
(DOI: 10.3201/eid1808.111816,   PubMed: 22840532)
32. Mathias Schlegel, Erdenesaikhan Tegshduuren, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Rasa Petraityte, Kestutis Sasnauskas, Bärbel Hammerschmidt, Robert Friedrich, Marc Mertens, H Martin Groschup, Satoru Arai, Rika Endo, Kenta Shimizu, Takaaki Koma, Shumpei Yasuda, Chiaki Ishihara, G Rainer Ulrich, Jiro Arikawa and Bernd Köllner :
Novel serological tools for detection of Thottapalayam virus, a Soricomorpha-borne hantavirus.,
Archives of Virology, Vol.157, No.11, 2179-2187, 2012.
(DOI: 10.1007/s00705-012-1405-9,   PubMed: 22828778)
33. Takaaki Koma, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Midori Taruishi, Daisuke Miyashita, Rika Endo, Kenta Shimizu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Takako Amada, Takahiro Seto, Ryo Murata, Haruka Yoshida, Hiroaki Kariwa, Ikuo Takashima and Jiro Arikawa :
Development of a serotyping enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay system based on recombinant truncated hantavirus nucleocapsid proteins for New World hantavirus infection.,
Journal of Virological Methods, Vol.185, No.1, 74-81, 2012.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2012.06.006,   PubMed: 22722226)
34. Dinh Vu Luan, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Rika Endo, Midori Taruishi, Thi Vo Huong, Tuan Dang Dat, Cong Pham Tien, Kenta Shimizu, Takaaki Koma, P Shumpei Yasuda, Le Nhi, Que Vu Thi Huong and Jiro Arikawa :
Studies on hantavirus infection in small mammals captured in southern and central highland area of Vietnam.,
The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Vol.74, No.9, 1155-1162, 2012.
(DOI: 10.1292/jvms.11-0567,   PubMed: 22673720)
35. Ngonda Saasa, Haruka Yoshida, Kenta Shimizu, Cornelio Sánchez-Hernández, Lourdes María de Romero-Almaraz, Takaaki Koma, Takahiro Sanada, Takahiro Seto, Kentaro Yoshii, Celso Ramos, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Jiro Arikawa, Ikuo Takashima and Hiroaki Kariwa :
The N-terminus of the Montano virus nucleocapsid protein possesses broadly cross-reactive conformation-dependent epitopes conserved in rodent-borne hantaviruses.,
Virology, Vol.428, No.1, 48-57, 2012.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2012.03.001,   PubMed: 22520837)
36. P Shumpei Yasuda, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Takaaki Koma, Kenta Shimizu, Rika Endo, Rie Isozumi and Jiro Arikawa :
Application of truncated nucleocapsid protein (N) for serotyping ELISA of murinae-associated hantavirus infection in rats.,
The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Vol.74, No.2, 215-219, 2011.
(DOI: 10.1292/jvms.11-0179,   PubMed: 21937858)
37. Tian-Cheng Li, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Jiro Arikawa, Takaaki Koma, Michiyo Kataoka, Yasushi Ami, Yuriko Suzaki, Quynh Le Thi Mai, Thuy Nguyen Hoa, Tetsu Yamashiro, Futoshi Hasebe, Naokazu Takeda and Takaji Wakita :
Characterization of self-assembled virus-like particles of rat hepatitis E virus generated by recombinant baculoviruses.,
The Journal of General Virology, Vol.92, No.Pt 12, 2830-2837, 2011.
(DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.034835-0,   PubMed: 21865442)
38. Takaaki Koma, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Noemi Pini, David Safronetz, Midori Taruishi, Silvana Levis, Rika Endo, Kenta Shimizu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Hideki Ebihara, Heinz Feldmann, Delia Enria and Jiro Arikawa :
Truncated hantavirus nucleocapsid proteins for serotyping Sin Nombre, Andes, and Laguna Negra hantavirus infections in humans and rodents.,
Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Vol.48, No.5, 1635-1642, 2010.
(DOI: 10.1128/JCM.00072-10,   PubMed: 20335425)
39. Erdenesaikhan Tegshduuren, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Midori Taruishi, Rika Endo, Kenta Shimizu, Takaaki Koma, P Shumpei Yasuda, Hiroaki Kariwa, Jiro Arikawa and Chiaki Ishihara :
Different cross-reactivity of human and rodent sera to Tula virus and Puumala virus.,
Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Vol.33, No.6, e67-73, 2010.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.cimid.2010.01.001,   PubMed: 20116854)
40. Thang Thua Truong, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Koichi Araki, Byoung-Hee Lee, Ichiro Nakamura, Rika Endo, Kenta Shimizu, P Shumpei Yasuda, Takaaki Koma, Midori Taruishi, Megumi Okumura, Ninh Uyen Truong and Jiro Arikawa :
Molecular epidemiological and serological studies of hantavirus infection in northern Vietnam.,
The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Vol.71, No.10, 1357-1363, 2009.
(DOI: 10.1292/jvms.001357,   PubMed: 19887743)
41. Anariwa Du, Tomo Daidoji, Takaaki Koma, S Madiha Ibrahim, Shota Nakamura, Chandimal Silva U de, Mayo Ueda, Cheng-Song Yang, Teruo Yasunaga, Kazuyoshi Ikuta and Takaaki Nakaya :
Detection of circulating Asian H5N1 viruses by a newly established monoclonal antibody.,
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.378, No.2, 197-202, 2008.
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42. Tomo Daidoji, Takaaki Koma, Anariwa Du, Cheng-Song Yang, Mayo Ueda, Kazuyoshi Ikuta and Takaaki Nakaya :
H5N1 avian influenza virus induces apoptotic cell death in mammalian airway epithelial cells.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.82, No.22, 11294-11307, 2008.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01192-08,   PubMed: 18787012)

Academic Paper (Unrefereed Paper):

1. Takaaki Koma, 吉松 組子, 垂石 みどり, 宮下 大輔, 遠藤 理香, 清水 健太, 安田 俊平, 天田 貴子, 瀬戸 隆弘, 村田 亮, 吉田 喜香, 苅和 宏明, 高島 郁夫 and 有川 二郎 :
Hokkaido Journal of Medical Science, Vol.88, No.1, 35, 2013.
(CiNii: 10031148181)

Academic Letter:

1. Michael Patterson, Takaaki Koma, Alexey Seregin, Cheng Huang, Milagros Miller, Jennifer Smith, Nadezhda Yun, Jeanon Smith and Slobodan Paessler :
A substitution in the transmembrane region of the glycoprotein leads to an unstable attenuation of Machupo virus.,
Journal of Virology, Vol.88, No.18, 10995-10999, 2014.
(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01007-14,   PubMed: 25031335)

Review, Commentary:

1. Takaaki Koma, Shun Adachi, Naoya Doi, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Toward Understanding Molecular Bases for Biological Diversification of Human Coronaviruses: Present Status and Future Perspectives.,
Frontiers in microbiology, Vol.11, Aug. 2020.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.02016,   PubMed: 32983025)
2. Masako Nomaguchi, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma and Akio Adachi :
HIV-1 mutates to adapt in fluxing environments.,
Microbes and Infection, Oct. 2018.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.micinf.2017.08.003,   PubMed: 28859896)
3. J Steven Hallam, Takaaki Koma, Junki Maruyama and Slobodan Paessler :
Review of Mammarenavirus Biology and Replication.,
Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol.9, Aug. 2018.
(DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.01751,   PubMed: 30123198)
4. Takaaki Koma, Cheng Huang, A Olga Kolokoltsova, R Allan Brasier and Slobodan Paessler :
Innate immune response to arenaviral infection: a focus on the highly pathogenic New World hemorrhagic arenaviruses.,
Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol.425, No.24, 4893-4903, Sep. 2013.
(DOI: 10.1016/j.jmb.2013.09.028,   PubMed: 24075870)

Proceeding of Domestic Conference:

1. 横山 勝, 小谷 治, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Masako Nomaguchi and 佐藤 裕徳 :
Protein sector in HIV-1 envelope estimated by statistical analysis of amino acid sequences,
第42回日本分子生物学会年会, Dec. 2019.
2. 横山 勝, 小谷 治, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Masako Nomaguchi and 佐藤 裕徳 :
HIV-1 エンベロープにおける脆弱部位の推定,
第33回日本エイズ学会学術集会, Nov. 2019.
3. 小谷 治, Takaaki Koma, 宮川 敬, 梁 明秀, 横山 勝, Naoya Doi, Akio Adachi, Masako Nomaguchi and 佐藤 裕徳 :
HIV-1カプシド ''disorder'' 領域の構造機能解析,
第33回日本エイズ学会学術集会, Nov. 2019.
4. Takaaki Koma, Naoya Doi, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
HIV-1 Gag集合初期に関わる内在性集合促進因子の探索,
第33回日本エイズ学会学術集会, Nov. 2019.
5. Takaaki Koma, Naoya Doi, Satoshi Nakashima, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Exploration for assembly-promoting factors involved in the early stage of HIV-1 Gag assembly,
第67回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2019.
6. Masako Nomaguchi, Takaaki Koma, Naoya Doi, Hideki Yamamoto, Kyosuke Watanabe, Mai Takemoto and Akio Adachi :
Molecular bases for determination of the Vif expression level by single-nucleotide mutations within SA1D2prox and by adaptive mutations in the HIV-1 genome,
第67回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2019.
7. Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Analysis of molecular mechanism on species-specific growth enhancement by a single-amino acid mutation in V3 tip of CCR5-tropic HIV-1 Env,
第67回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2019.
8. Takaaki Koma, 小谷 治, Naoya Doi, 宮川 敬, 梁 明秀, 横山 勝, 佐藤 裕徳, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
第34回中国四国ウイルス研究会, Jun. 2019.
9. Masako Nomaguchi, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, 吉田 和子 and Akio Adachi :
SA1D2proxに関するHIV-1 Vif低発現変異体NL-gatは,Vif発現量適応変異あるいはenv変異の獲得により増殖能を向上させる,
第66回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2018.
10. Akio Adachi, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Hayato Ohkubo, 吉田 和子 and Masako Nomaguchi :
SA1D2prox領域に関するHIV-1 Vif超低発現変異体 NL-tacのAPOBEC3G高発現下における適応過程の解析,
第66回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2018.
11. Takaaki Koma, 小谷 治, Naoya Doi, 宮川 敬, 梁 明秀, 横山 勝, 佐藤 裕徳, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
第66回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2018.
12. Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Nina Nakanishi, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
馴化型R5-tropic HIV-1rmtで同定されたEnvによる増殖促進の解析,
第66回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2018.
13. Shoko Nakanishi, Sakimi Watanabe, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Single-amino acid mutations in V1 and C4 domains of HIV-1 Env cooperatively enhance viral replication ability by increasing CD4 affinity,
第65回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2017.
14. Sakimi Watanabe, Shoko Nakanishi, Takaaki Koma, Naoya Doi, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Low vif type of HIV-1 SA1D2prox variants can adaptively mutate to enhance the Vif expression under the strong restrictive condition,
第65回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2017.
15. Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Shoko Nakanishi, Sakimi Watanabe, Masako Nomaguchi and Akio Adachi :
Generation of R5-tropic HIV-1rmt clones with an enhanced replication ability by adaptive Env domain swapping,
第65回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2017.
16. Akio Adachi, Naoya Doi, Takaaki Koma, Shoko Nakanishi, Sakimi Watanabe and Masako Nomaguchi :
Linkage analysis of HIV-1 vif production level and SLSA1 structure/energy stability,
第65回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2017.
17. Takaaki Koma, Naoya Doi, 宮川 敬, 梁 明秀, Akio Adachi and Masako Nomaguchi :
Role for amino acid residues S149 and I150 of the Gag-CA linker domain in the late HIV-1 replication phase,
第65回日本ウイルス学会学術集会, Oct. 2017.

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