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Shigemitsu, Toru (100.0%) / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Sex: Male Year of Birth: 1979 A.D.
Phone: +81 - 88 - 656 - 9742 E-mail:  t - s h i g e (@) m e . t o k u s h i m a - u . a c . j p 
Academic Degree: Doctor of Engineering Field of Study: Fluid Engineering, Fluid Machinery, Numerical Fluid Analysis
His Lecture: Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School), Presentation Method (M) (Graduate School), Advanced Fluid Dynamics (Graduate School), Technical English Fundamentals 2 (Bachelor Course), Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (Bachelor Course), Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 3 (Bachelor Course), Fluid Energy Control (Graduate School), Fluid Machinery (Bachelor Course), Advanced Environmental Systems Engineering (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: 二重反転形小型軸流ファンの性能特性と内部流れに関する研究, 小型ポンプに関する研究, 流体食品ポンプに関する研究, 小型ハイドロタービンに関する研究 (small-sized fluid machinery, axial flow fan, centrifugal pump, 小水力, 小型水車, internal flow, 補助人工心臓ポンプ, 電子機器水冷ポンプ, 流体食品, transfer performance, シェアロス)