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Book / Paper

Proceeding of International Conference:

1. Takuji Hosotani, Toru Shigemitsu, Kawaguchi Yuki and Ikebuchi Tomofumi :
Study on High Pressure Design of Contra-Rotating Small Hydroturbine,
Proceedings of the 29th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, Kyoto, Japan, Sep. 2018.
2. Toru Shigemitsu, Ikebuchi Tomofumi, Nan Ding and Takuji Hosotani :
Performance Improvement of Contra-Rotating Small Hydroturbine,
Proceedings of World Renewable Energy Congress 2018, London, UK, Aug. 2018.

Proceeding of Domestic Conference:

1. Yuki Kawaguchi, Toru Shigemitsu and Takuji Hosotani :
第96期 日本機械学会流体工学部門講演会, Nov. 2018.

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