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Subject of Study

Book / Paper


1. Ryo Anma and T. Maruoka :
Paleoclimatic Changes and Human Cultural Evolution in West Asia (in "Ancient West Asian Civilization-Geoenvironment and Society in the Pre-Islamic Middle East" Tsuneki, A., Yamada, S. and Hisada, K. (eds)),
Springer Japan, Mar. 2017.
2. Ryo Anma :
3. Ryo Anma :
屋久島ジオガイド(島津弘編著: 屋久島の地質,ほか第1部2,トピック1,トピック2,第2部①,②,⑤,⑩,⑭,㉒担当),
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Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. Yuji Orihashi, Ryo Anma, S. Machida, M. Sasaki, K. Nakao, Y. Takaku and N. Abe :
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Academic Letter:

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Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN Grants Database @

  • Reconsideration of Jarmo: Neolithization in the Eastern Wing of the Fertile Crescent (Project/Area Number: 20H00020 )
  • The provenance and manufacturing processes of Mesopotamian clay tablets (Project/Area Number: 19H01361 )
  • Water and soil environmental changes and dawn of urban mine around the early cities in Ancient West Asia (Project/Area Number: 18H05447 )
  • 西アジア都市文明論 (Project/Area Number: 18H05443 )
  • Reconstruction of Assyrian reliefs through the analysis of material stone (Project/Area Number: 17H04493 )
  • Global understanding variation of arc volcanism in southern Chile, accompanied with subducded plate boundary and their magma processes (Project/Area Number: 15H02630 )
  • Ecohistory of Iraq reconstructed through the analysis of clay tablets (Project/Area Number: 26283012 )
  • Decoding Quaternary paleoclimatic changes in West Asia recorded in sediments (Project/Area Number: 24101011 )
  • Facilitating the Study of West Asian Civilization (Project/Area Number: 24101001 )
  • Studies on chemistries and behaviors of hydrothermal fluids derived from the M-type granite (Project/Area Number: 24540507 )
  • Provenance study of cuneiform tablets housed in Sulaimaniyah Museum and geological survey along the Tigris River (Project/Area Number: 24401016 )
  • Elucidation of basaltic magmatism in extra back-arc province: An example of worldwide forth magmagenesis (Project/Area Number: 21403012 )
  • Studies on effect of fluid inclusion compositions on groundwater chemistry in granite (Project/Area Number: 20340149 )
  • Seismic investigation of subducted ridge : Towards understanding mechanism of continental growth (Project/Area Number: 20253003 )
  • Mechanism of Glacier Variations and Elucidation of the Holocene Environment in Patagonia Icefield, South America. (Project/Area Number: 18251002 )
  • Studies on magmatic fluids related to arc-arc collision by using high-energy ion beam (Project/Area Number: 17540452 )
  • Environmental Variations during the Holocene in Patagonia Icefield, South America (Project/Area Number: 15253001 )
  • From Chile Ridge Subduction To Magma Supply System (CHRISTMASSY) project (Project/Area Number: 13373004 )
  • Research on ancient seismogenic faults around plate boundaries from view points of fluid inclusion and miero-seale mineralization (Project/Area Number: 13304038 )
  • Analysis of Environment and Ecosystem of Yakushima using Geographic Information Systems (Project/Area Number: 12308004 )
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