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1. Toshiyuki Yasui and Yukie Matsuura :
ナーシング・グラフィカEX 疾患と看護⑨女性生殖器:2章 女性生殖器の疾患と看護,
Medicus SHUPPAN, 2020.

Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. Yukie Matsuura, Aoi Inoue, mizuki Kidani and Toshiyuki Yasui :
Change in appetite and food craving during menstrual cycle in young students,
International journal of nutrition and metabolism, Vol.12, No.2, 25-30, 2020.
(DOI: 10.5897/IJNAM2019.0264)
2. Yukie Matsuura, Kazuyo Matsuzaki and Toshiyuki Yasui :
Menopausal Symptoms in Japanese Nurses: Differences between Smokers and Non-Smokers,
Health, Vol.12, No.5, 474-485, 2020.
(DOI: 10.4236/health.2020.125037)
3. Yukie Matsuura, Takane Morita, Momoko Sekimoto, Ayaka Maeda and Toshiyuki Yasui :
Differences in Physical and Psychological Condition, Sleeping Status and Menstruation-Related Symptoms before and after Smartphones Use in Young Female Students in Japan,
Health, Vol.12, No.4, 407-424, 2020.
(DOI: 10.4236/health.2020.124033)
4. Rumi Ishihara, Keiko Nagamine, Yoshie Nishikawa, Mari Haku, Hirokazu Uemura, Yukie Matsuura and Toshiyuki Yasui :
Prevalence and factors related to hot flashes and night sweats in postpartum women in Japan,
International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery, Vol.12, No.1, 14-21, 2020.
(DOI: 10.5897/IJNM2019.0391)
5. Sachiko Kubo, Toshiyuki Yasui, Yukie Matsuura and Masahito Tomotake :
Differences in male climacteric symptoms with aging among rotating night shift workers,
The Aging Male, Vol.Aug 9, 1-9, 2019.
(DOI: 10.1080/13685538.2019.1650264,   PubMed: 31397630,   Elsevier: Scopus)

Review, Commentary:

1. Toshiyuki Yasui and Yukie Matsuura :
Ⅲ.更年期・老年期 更年期のうつ,
臨床婦人科産科 特集 産婦人科処方のすべて2020-症例に応じた実践マニュアル, Vol.74, No.4, 114-118, 2020.
2. Toshiyuki Yasui and Yukie Matsuura :
月刊 地域医学, Vol.33, No.12, 1023-1028, 2019.
(CiNii: 40022078674)
3. Toshiyuki Yasui and Yukie Matsuura :
Clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics, Vol.73, No.8, 772-779, 2019.
(CiNii: 40021981053)

Proceeding of International Conference:

1. Yukie Matsuura :
Elderly care activities at a Community General Support Center in Japan,
A Seminar on Interdisciplinary Education in Nursing and Oral Health Care of Elderly, Tokushima, Mar. 2019.

Proceeding of Domestic Conference:

1. Yumi Kuwamura, Sachi Kishida, 澄川 真珠子, Yukie Matsuura and 岸野 真奈美 :
Journal of Japanese Society of Nursing Research, Vol.43, No.3, 409, Sep. 2020.
2. Yukie Matsuura and Reiko Okahisa :
令和元年度大学教育カンファレンス in 徳島, Dec. 2019.

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