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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies
Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Social Activity / University Management

University Management

国有財産四国地方審議会委員 (Oct. 2020)

Prize / Award

Jan. 2012, 康楽賞 (The Koraku Foundation)
Sep. 2016, 瀬戸内海研究フォーラム in 愛媛 ポスター優秀賞 (瀬戸内海研究会議)
Oct. 2018, 日本沿岸域学会 研究討論会優秀講演賞 (Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies)
Mar. 2019, 工業会賞 (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Jul. 2019, 日本沿岸域学会論文奨励賞 (Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies)
Nov. 2019, 土木学会全国大会第74回年次学術講演会 優秀講演者賞 (Japan Society of Civil Engineers)