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Tokushima UniversityGraduate School of Health SciencesHealth SciencesMedical Laboratory Sciences
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2010, Best Teacher of The Year 2010 (Faculty of Medicine)
Feb. 2015, 保健学科教育賞 (School of Health Sciences)
Feb. 2016, 保健学科教育賞 (School of Health Sciences)
Dec. 2016, 徳島県医学検査学会学生優秀発表賞 (徳島県臨床検査技師会)
Feb. 2017, 保健学科教育賞 (School of Health Sciences)
Dec. 2017, 徳島県医学検査学会学生優秀発表賞 (徳島県臨床検査技師会)
Mar. 2018, 保健学科教育賞 (School of Health Sciences)
Mar. 2018, Best Teacher of the Yeasr 2017 (Faculty of Medicine)
Mar. 2020, 令和元年度保健学科教育賞 (School of Health Sciences)
May 2021, 令和2年度教養教育賞 (Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
Mar. 2022, 令和3年度保健学科教育賞 (School of Health Sciences)