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Field of Study

Educational Technology

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Information Processing Society of Japan (DSM研究委員会委員)
電子通信学会 (研究会(ET)専門委員会委員 [Jun. 2001--May 2007])
Japan Society for Educational Technology (全国大会企画委員 [Dec. 2004--Nov. 2008], 企画委員会 [Jul. 2010--Jun. 2013])
Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education (論文誌編集委員会委員 [Oct. 1998--Oct. 2002], 評議員 [Sep. 2011--Aug. 2013])
Japanese Cognitive Science Society
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

Social Activity / University Management

University Management

人権委員会委員 (Mar. 2009)
図書館運営委員会委員 (Apr. 2009)
Member of the Committee on Faculty Development

Prize / Award

Mar. 2008, WBE2008 Best Paper Award (IASTED)
Apr. 2011, 共通教育賞
Oct. 2016, 教養教育賞
Apr. 2017, 教養教育賞