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Ueno, Yoshihiko (3.2%) / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 修士(大学アドミニストレーション)
Field of Study: 大学入試研究, Higher Education
Subject of Study: 多面的・総合的評価に繋がる入学者選抜と評価方法の構築 (enrollment selection, アドミッション・ポリシー, 入試制度設計, 筆記試験で測ることのできない能力の評価, 入試広報)
Furuya, Ray S. (3.2%) / Associate Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: PhD
Field of Study: Astronomy
Lecture: Mechanics and Thermodynamics (Common Curriculum), General Physics 1 (Common Curriculum), Intelligent Life in the Universe: The Origin of Universe, Stars, Earth, Life and Civilization (Common Curriculum), The Universe as a Laboratory of Physics: Learning Modern Astronomy (Common Curriculum), Methodology of Teaching Science I (Bachelor Course), Methodology of Teaching Science II (Bachelor Course), Methodology of Teaching Science III (Bachelor Course), Methodology of Teaching Science IV (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: (電波天文学, 赤外線天文学, 星形成過程, 星間物質, 銀河の進化, 分子や原子輝線の励起機構, 偏波観測, データ処理アルゴリズム, 星間ダスト, 次世代直線偏波撮像装置SCUBA-3の開発, 大型サブミリ波望遠鏡LSTの建設)
Shirayama, Yasuhiko (3.2%) / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Medical Welfare Ph.D
Field of Study: Social Welfare, Medical Welfare, 老年医療
Lecture: The principle of social work and social work-related profession (Bachelor Course), social work foundation and profession (specialty) (Bachelor Course), The theory and practice for social work (Bachelor Course), The theory and advanced practice for social work (Bachelor Course), ソーシャルワーク実習 (Bachelor Course), Social work training guidance (Bachelor Course), Social work exercises (Bachelor Course), Social work exercise (specialty) (Bachelor Course), health care and welfare (Bachelor Course), child and family welfare (Bachelor Course), criminal justice and welfare (Bachelor Course), Medical and Welfare (Graduate School), Graduation Thesis (Bachelor Course), 卒業研究(4年生) (Bachelor Course), Training of Oral Health Education and Research (Graduate School), Advanced Lecture for Oral Health Science (Graduate School), Research Thesis of Oral Health Science (Graduate School), Practice of Oral Health Care Education (Graduate School), Oral health promotion, nutrition guidance and social service for the elderly (Graduate School), community medical and welfare special exercises (Graduate School), Community Medical and Welfare Special Research (Graduate School), Community welfare and comprehensive support system (Bachelor Course), psychology (Bachelor Course), Early Clinical Training (Bachelor Course), Laws that support advocacy (Bachelor Course), social security (Bachelor Course), sociology (Bachelor Course), social welfare principles and policies (Bachelor Course), social survey (Bachelor Course), welfare service organization and management (Bachelor Course), Outline of medical science (Bachelor Course), Overview Dentistry 5 (Bachelor Course), Support plan to poverty (Bachelor Course), disability welfare (Bachelor Course), Welfare for the elderly (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: higer brain dysfunction, Burnout, Community-based Integrated Care System
Nakamura, Yoshitoshi (3.2%) / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 工学博士
Field of Study: Biological Reaction Engineering, Biomass Transformation Engineering, Environmental Bioengineering
Lecture: Career Paths (Bachelor Course), Bioreactor Engineering (Bachelor Course), Presentation Method (D) (Graduate School), Undergraduate Work (Bachelor Course), Training of Bioscience Research (Bachelor Course), Practice for Bioscience Research (Bachelor Course), Special Practice on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Advanced Exercise on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Advanced Research on Applied Life Science (Graduate School), Life Science (Graduate School), Introduction to Biochemical Engineering (Bachelor Course), Advanced Biochemical Engineering (Graduate School), Research on Bioresource Science (Graduate School), Bioindustry A (Bachelor Course), Practice for Bioscience and Bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Basic bioindustry (Bachelor Course), Practices for Fermentation Physiology (Bachelor Course), Research Approaches in Science and Technology B (Graduate School), Reading Scientific Papers (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers Ⅰ (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers Ⅱ (Bachelor Course), Technology of Enzyme Functions (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: 生体触媒を用いた有用性物質の高効率生産プロセスの開発,バイオマスの総合的有効利用法の構築,汚染環境のバイオレメディエーション (bioprocess, biomass, gene recombination, bioreactor, white-rot fungus)
Tanaka, Katsuya (3.2%) / Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 博士(医学)
Field of Study: Anesthesiology
Lecture: 循環器コース(3年) (Bachelor Course), Molecular Biomedical Information - Practice of Experiment and Clinical Research (Graduate School), 臨床医学入門コース (Bachelor Course), Introduction to clinical practice (Bachelor Course), Anesthesiology (Graduate School), Anesthesiology (Bachelor Course), Practice of Anesthesiology (Graduate School)
Subject of Study: Mechanisms of volatile anesthetics-induced preconditioning, Intraoperative evaluation of cardiac function using transesophageal echocardiography (cell death)