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Research Activity

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Field of Study

Human Geography
Regional Economics
Regional Economics
Regional Economics

Subject of Study

Study on Urban System and Spatial Structure of Urban Area, Study on Urban Economics, Housing and Real Estate, Study on Consumer Behavior and Retail Location, GIS (Geographic Information Sysytem) and Spatial Analysis, Study on Regional Income Inequality (urban system, spatial structure, Central Place Theory, urban economics, Housing and Real Estate, geographic information system) (現代のわが国における都市システムを対象に,都市の空間的配置と規模や機能の関係を理論的に考察し,都市圏の空間的構造とその変容を実証的に分析する.)

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Et cetera, Workshop:

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平成13年度∼16年度日本学術振興学科研究費補助金研究成果報告書『GIS(地理情報システムを援用した吉野川流域の, 125-134, 2005.

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN Grants Database @

  • Comparative study on residential segregation and housing market polarization in post-growth global cities (Project/Area Number: 20H01399 )
  • 地理的多様性と地域格差問題の再定義に関する研究 (Project/Area Number: 16H03524 )
  • Geographical studies on causes and consequences of regional income inequality in Japan (Project/Area Number: 24320169 )
  • Reconstruction of urban geography for formation of sustainable urban space (Project/Area Number: 24242034 )
  • System Construction of Regional Literacy based on Geographical approach (Project/Area Number: 23650583 )
  • Analysis on the latest situations both on newly merged municipalities and the non-merged municipalities of Heisei's pro-merger policy and total assessments on this policy (Project/Area Number: 22320168 )
  • Geographical Study on the Regional Income Inequalities in Japan (Project/Area Number: 21520795 )
  • Interdisciplinary Research of Changing Metropolitan Structure and Multinucleated Urban Area Planning (Project/Area Number: 21320157 )
  • Interdisciplinary researches on urban spatial structural comparison between the Tokyo and Keihanshin metropolitan areas after the collapse of bubble economy by adopting GIS. (Project/Area Number: 17601009 )
  • A Study on Changes of Consumer Behavior and Commercial Environment Using GIS (Project/Area Number: 17520539 )
  • Formation and Analysis of Historical Information of Castle Town using GIS (Project/Area Number: 17320135 )
  • Transition of Socioeconomc Structure and Vision of Metropolitan Areas in 21st Century : Conpact City and Urban Structure (Project/Area Number: 16202022 )
  • Estimation of Distribution of Population using Migration Model in Age Group and Political Simulation in Japan (Project/Area Number: 15560461 )
  • A study on the regional structure of the Yoshinogawa drainage by GIS(Geographical Information System) methods (Project/Area Number: 13490020 )
  • Search by Researcher Number (30260615)