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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study

Communication Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (スペクトル拡散研究専門委員会専門委員 [May 2001--Apr. 2003], ワイドバンドシステム研究専門委員会専門委員 [May 2003--Apr. 2015])
Information Processing Society of Japan
The Research Institute of Signal Processing Japan
The Japan Society of Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering

Social Activity / University Management

Social Activity

Osaka Regional Information and Open Network Systems (Member of the Technical Committee [Apr. 1995--Mar. 2002])
Tokushima Prefectural Government (e-とくしま商店街構築協議会委員 [Jan. 2010--Mar. 2011])
Tokushima Prefectural Government (e-とくしま商店街構築事業業務委託事業者選定委員会委員 [Jan. --Mar. 2010])

University Management

情報化推進機構情報化推進室企画推進委員 (Apr. 2007--Mar. 2011)
Vice-director of Center for University Evaluation (Apr. --Jun. 2008)
Director of Center for University Evaluation (Jul. 2008--Mar. 2014)
Vice Director of Institutional Research Office (Apr. 2014--Mar. 2016)

Prize / Award

Feb. 1996, Tadano Prize (Tadano Ltd.)
Mar. 1999, 源内奨励賞 ((財)エレキテル尾崎財団)