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Related Researchers in Our University

(Imai, Hitoshi) (50.0%) / Professor Emeritus   [Detail]
Academic Degree: Doctor of Engineering
Field of Study: Applied Mathematics
Subject of Study: 数値解法の開発, 数理現象の数値解析 (numerical analysis, 自由境界問題)
Sakaguchi, Hideo (33.3%) / Assistant Professor   [Detail]
Academic Degree: 修士(理学)
Field of Study: Applied Mathematics
Lecture: Graduation Work (Bachelor Course), Differential Equations 1 (Bachelor Course), Differential Equations 2 (Bachelor Course), Research on Information Sciences (Bachelor Course), Technical English Fundamentals 2 (Bachelor Course), Numerical Analysis (Bachelor Course), Numerical Computation (Bachelor Course), Research on Mathematical Sciences (Bachelor Course), Complex Analysis (Bachelor Course), Reading Scientific Papers (Bachelor Course)
Subject of Study: パターン形成に関する解析, 数値計算手法の研究 (パターン形成, 数理モデル, 反応拡散方程式系, 並列計算, 数値解析)