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Field of Study

Theory of Differential Equations

Subject of Study

非線形双曲型保存則系に対する時間大域解の研究 (発展方程式, 関数解析, 作用素論)

Book / Paper

Academic Paper (Judged Full Paper):

1. Kuniya Okamoto and Shinnosuke Oharu :
Nonlinear evolution operators associated with nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations,
Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Vol.8, No.2, 581-629, 1998.
2. Ali Zulfikar, Yoshitane Shinohara, Hitoshi Imai, Hideo Sakaguchi and Kuniya Okamoto :
Existence and Uniqueness of Quasiperiodic Solutions to Perturbed Nonlinear Oscillators,
Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Vol.15, No.2, 279-293, 1998.
(DOI: 10.1007/BF03167405,   Elsevier: Scopus)
3. Zulfikar Ali, Yoshitane Shinohara, Hitoshi Imai, Atsuhito Kohda and Kuniya Okamoto :
Existence and Uniqueness of Quasiperiodic Solutions to Van der Pol type Equations,
Journal of Mathematics, Tokushima University, Vol.31, 69-80, 1997.
(Tokushima University Institutional Repository: 126)
4. Kuniya Okamoto :
A kinetic approach to nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations,
Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, Vol.23, No.3, 577-606, 1993.

Et cetera, Workshop:

1. Kuniya Okamoto :
Uniqueness of entropy solutions for ut+∇A(u)=Δβ(u),
RIMS Kokyuroku, Vol.973, 96-106, Jun. 1996.
2. Ali Zulfikar, 篠原 能材, Hitoshi Imai, Hideo Sakaguchi and Kuniya Okamoto :
IEICE Technical Report, Vol.97, No.53, 9-16, Jan. 1996.

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