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Tokushima University > Research Clusters > Research Clusters (Registered) > 1903008 植物の生老病死を制御する代謝機構の分子・工学的解明とゲノム編集による改変 >
Tokushima University > Research Clusters > Research Clusters (Registered) > 1904009 有用動物細胞株樹立のための新規ゲノム編集ツール高効率導入法の開発 >
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Social Activity, etc.

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Field of Study

Molecular Cell Biology
Genetics Engineering

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

Social Activity / University Management

Social Activity

日本ゲノム編集学会 (広報委員 [Apr. 2016])

University Management

Committee Member of School Affair (Apr. 2017--Mar. 2020)
Member of the Committee on Faculty Development (Apr. 2018--Mar. 2019)
Committee Member of Entrance Examinations (Apr. 2018--Mar. 2019)

Prize / Award

Sep. 2016, 日本植物学会第80回大会 優秀賞 (The Botanical Society of Japan)
Oct. 2018, 徳島大学 社会産業理工学交流会2018優秀賞 (Faculty of Science and Technology)
Oct. 2019, 令和元年徳島県科学技術大賞 科学技術振興部門受賞 (徳島県)