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1. M Alvarez-Saavedra, K Yan, Y Repentigny De, LE Hashem, N Chaudary, S Sarwar, D Yang, I Ioshikhes, R Kothary, Teruyoshi Hirayama, T Yagi and DJ Picketts :
Snf2h Drives Chromatin Remodeling to Prime Upper Layer Cortical Neuron Development,
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, Vol.12, 243, 2019.
(DOI: 10.3389/fnmol.2019.00243,   PubMed: 31680852)
2. Z Shao, H Noh, WB Kim, P Ni, C Nguyen, SE Cote, E Noyes, J Zhao, T Parsons, JM Park, K Zheng, JJ Park, JT Coyle, DR Weinberger, RE Straub, KF Berman, J Apud, D Ongur, BM Cohen, DL McPhie, JL Rapoport, RH Perlis, TA Lanz, S Xi, C Yin, W Huang, Teruyoshi Hirayama, E Fukuda, T Yagi, S Ghosh, KC Eggan, H-Y Kim, LM Eisenberg, A Moghadam, P Stanton, J-H Cho and S Chung :
Dysregulated protocadherin-pathway activity as an intrinsic defect in iPSC-derived cortical interneurons from patients with schizophrenia,
Nature Neuroscience, Vol.22, No.2, 229-242, 2019.
(DOI: 10.1038/s41593-018-0313-z)

Proceeding of Domestic Conference:

1. 本間 貴裕, Teruyoshi Hirayama, 三宝 誠, 平林 真澄 and 八木 健 :
第42回日本分子生物学会年会, Dec. 2019.
2. Asai Hirotaka, Ohkawa Noriaki, Saitoh Yoshito, Gandour Khaled, Nishizono Hirofumi, Teruyoshi Hirayama, Muramatsu Shin-ichi, Yagi Takeshi and Inokuchi Kaoru :
Deletion of cPcdhs affects cell ensemble activities in the hippocampus,
Jul. 2019.

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN Grants Database @

  • 大脳皮質の興奮性と抑制性の神経細胞がつくる機能的回路形成の分子基盤 (Project/Area Number: 17K01976 )
  • The role of neuronal diversity in the neural circuit of somatosensory cortex (Project/Area Number: 26350980 )
  • 染色体高次構造の変換による多様な神経細胞の産生 (Project/Area Number: 25123711 )
  • Functional analysis of CTCF for generating neuronal diversity and neuronal networks (Project/Area Number: 24700410 )
  • Analysis of gene regulation for neuronal cell identity (Project/Area Number: 19710163 )
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