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Educational Activity

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Field of Study

Nursing Outcome Management

His Lecture (2020)

Advanced Caring in Health Sciences (Graduate School)
ケアリング特論(Advanced Caring in Health Sciences) (Graduate School)
Multidisciplinary approaches (Graduate School)
Introduction to interdisciplinary team care (Bachelor Course)
Risk Manegement (Bachelor Course)
Clinical Practice in Nursing Home Care (Bachelor Course)
International medical activities (Bachelor Course)
International nursing (Bachelor Course)
Fundamental Nursing (Bachelor Course)
Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 1 (Bachelor Course)
Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing 2 (Bachelor Course)
introduction to family nursing (Bachelor Course)
Lifelong Health Nursing Research (Graduate School)
Advanced Study of Lifelong Health Nursing (Graduate School)
Seminar and Practice in Lifelong Health Nursing (Graduate School)
Practical Nursing Outcome Management (Graduate School)
Nursing Outcome ManagementⅠ:Practical Research Methods (Graduate School)
Nursing Outcome ManagementⅡ:Advanced Nursing Practice (Graduate School)
Introduction to nursing (Bachelor Course)
Nursing Research (Graduate School)
Methods for Nursing Research: Quantitative Research (Graduate School)
Nursing Skills 2 (Bachelor Course)
Nursing Skills 4 (Bachelor Course)
Nursing theory (Bachelor Course)
Nursing research 2 (Bachelor Course)
Nursing management: evolutionary learning (Graduate School)
Introduction to social medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics (Graduate School)
Early Exposure to Clinical Practice (Bachelor Course)

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Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

2 students (master), 6 students (doctor)

(Number of students is based on supervisory teacher of students registered in our student affair database system. In the case that teacher is not chief supervisor, these number may not include the students even if they were actually supervised.)