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Social Activity, etc.

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Field of Study


Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Japan Prosthodontic Society (中国四国支部 評議員, 代議員)
Japanese Society of Gerodontology (代議員)
Shikoku Society of Dental Research (評議員)
Japan Association for Dental Education
Japanese Academy of Facial Studies
Japanese Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Japanese Society of Magnetic Applications in Density
Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

Social Activity / University Management

Prize / Award

Oct. 1995, 奨励論文賞 (Japan Prosthodontic Society)
May 2003, 中堅優秀論文賞 (Japan Prosthodontic Society)
Jul. 2012, 平成24年度歯学部優秀教育賞 (Faculty of Dentistry)
Dec. 2012, ASEAN plus and TOKUSHIMA Joint International Conference 4th Winner of poster Competition (ASEAN plus and TOKUSHIMA Joint International Conference)
Jan. 2014, 平成25年度康楽賞 (公益財団法人 康楽会)
Dec. 2014, Winner of Poster Presentation Award (The 3rd ASEAN plus and TOKUSHIMA Joint International Conference)