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His Lecture (2020)

STEM Practice (Bachelor Course)
Advanced Functional Equations (Graduate School)
Graduation Work (Bachelor Course)
Methods for Fundamental Analysis 1 (Bachelor Course)
Calculus I (Bachelor Course)
Calculus (Common Curriculum)
Research on Information Sciences (Bachelor Course)
Introduction to Technical English (Bachelor Course)
Technical English Fundamentals 2 (Bachelor Course)
Mathematics (Common Curriculum)
Research on Mathematical Sciences (Bachelor Course)
Graduate Research on Mathematical Science (Graduate School)
Graduate Seminar on Mathematical Science (Graduate School)
Introduction to Science and Technology (Common Curriculum)
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Science and Technology (Graduate School)
Statistics (Common Curriculum)
Linear Algebra II (Bachelor Course)
Methods for Linear Algebra 2 (Bachelor Course)
Analysis 2 (Bachelor Course)
Analysis II (Bachelor Course)
Reading Scientific Papers (Bachelor Course)

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Research Supervisory ( last 5 years )

43 students (bachelor)