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Social Activity, etc.

Field of Study

Activity of Academic Society (Post)

Japan Prosthodontic Society
Japanese Society for Mastication Science and Health Promotion (評議員 [Mar. 2019])

Social Activity / University Management

Prize / Award

Dec. 2012, ASEAN plus and TOKUSHIMA Joint International Conference 4th Winner of poster Competition (ASEAN plus and TOKUSHIMA Joint International Conference)
Jan. 2013, 平成24年度西野瑞穂歯科臨床医学奨励賞 (Tokushima University)
Jun. 2013, 社団法人日本補綴歯科学会奨励論文賞 (Japan Prosthodontic Society)
Dec. 2014, Winner of Poster Presentation Award (The 3rd ASEAN plus and TOKUSHIMA Joint International Conference)
Jan. 2016, 日本義歯ケア学会第8回学術大会 優秀口演賞 (日本義歯ケア学会)
Mar. 2017, 徳島大学大学院医歯薬学研究部長表彰 (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)
Apr. 2017, 日本顎口腔機能学会 第58回学術大会 優秀賞 (日本顎口腔機能学会)